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Methods for Tackling the Energy Industry Talent Shortage, Now and Later

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 17, 2019 11:45:00 AM


With no signs of our energy demand slowing, producers are challenged to fill the growing number of jobs created as a result of demand.

But even while roles in existing operations are proving difficult to fill, the growth of new roles created by technology and evolving production methods only add to this unmet need. 

Addressing the skills gap in energy will require a multi-pronged approach, involving the retention and development of existing staff alongside educating a new workforce on the value and opportunities of working in the industry. 

And just as the technologies of the profession have evolved, so too have the technologies that help organizations manage and develop their workforce on an operational and cultural level. Workforce management solutions will be a huge benefit to energy industry leaders as they compete for the manpower and skills for success out in the field, in the plants and beyond.

Attracting and Educating New Talent

A huge part of finding talent with the right skill sets will be both communicating the incredible advantages of working in the energy industry and supporting programs that address the exact needs of the industry. 

The former requires a workplace infrastructure that support a workplace culture that today's incoming workforce finds appealing (i.e., that provides flexibility and a clear path for professional growth). Today's workforce management solutions bridge the candidate and employee experiences with intuitive technology that cuts through the administrative burdens that otherwise create unnecessary tensions that hold people back.

The latter is likely to involve partnerships with educational institutions and workforce development departments. A recent piece on Electric Light & Power, Solving Workforce Shortages Across the Energy Industry, puts the importance of these programs and how to make them work harder for energy businesses into clearer context.

Retaining and Training Existing Talent

As the current workforce ages out, energy producers will face a shortage as current managerial talent retires and there aren't enough bodies available to move up the ladder. Employee retention will become increasingly important, but not simply through compensation negotiations. Part of the workplace culture that keeps people hooked will revolve around on-the-job training and development for sought-after skills and setting clear pathways for professional development on an individual level.

Today's workforce management solutions go beyond time and attendance or benefits election, helping with the full cycle of employment, setting a technological precedent during hiring and on-boarding for a strong employee experience and continuing support with tools that help managers meaningfully engage and develop their teams. With workforce management at the center, managers and employees can see the path ahead and all the steps along the way, supported with productivity data where possible.

What More Can Workforce Management Do for Energy?

Navigating the intricacies of today's workforce management and productivity solutions is no easy feat. But our team of energy industry experts blends industry expertise with a keen focus on devising custom solutions the advance businesses through current and future challenges. Talent sourcing is only one challenge energy is facing, and something as integral as workforce management can help support a workplace and culture that succeeds in the face of what's to come. Reach out to connect with our energy industry specialists and get the conversation started around what more workforce management solutions can do for you!

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