Mobile Devices Using Integrated Technology Reveal Efficiency, Financial Opportunities for Companies


Gone are the days when only select employees in management carry a phone or pager, issued by their employers. These days, everyone has a smart phone at his or her side nearly every moment — and, sometimes, a second or third mobile device as well (even wearable technology!).

Companies are taking advantage of these mobile portals with integrated technology to keep their workforce connected, informed and empowered.


Mobile devices have come a long way since first introduced as a tool for having telephone communication with you on the go. Creating a workforce communication environment is done seamlessly by integrating apps and programs that allow for quick dispersion of alerts, messages and education, ensuring that the entire workforce has the information they need when they need it.

Branded Apps

Companies are also developing custom apps to empower their workforce with scheduling and tracking information. Apps specific to company culture and needs allow the workforce to check in and out, check or change shift schedules, keep track of hours, incentives and benefits and more.


A huge trend in mobile use is gamification, such as that offered by Kronos Leaderboards. Incentives, challenges and award programs can be automated and organized with mobile apps, and companies can create opportunities unique to their own goals. The automation frees management from checking in with their workforce throughout the program and participants know real-time where they stand among their peers.

Big Data

Mobile technology also gives companies access to Big Data. Businesses have the ability to:

  • Learn more about where employees are spending the most time and energy
  • Research their largest expenses
  • Analyze when and where the greatest production is happening and how income is capitalized

With Big Data coming from your connected workforce through these mobile apps, you can make the best, most profitable decisions.

Work Mobile

Mobile technology is also being incorporated into the work place, as devices become more affordable and accessible.  There are a number of unique places you’ll find mobile devices being used:

  • Manufacturing companies use them on the plant floor
  • Retail brands have them available for customers in the store
  • Healthcare and education organizations are using them to share information among shifts and staff

Integrating these work devices with personal devices keeps information consistent and convenient.


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