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More Connections, More Power: Integrating Your Systems to Take Full Advantage of Kronos

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 28, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Kronos wasn’t designed to operate in a vacuum – you probably have a great need to integrate the software with your other systems. But do you have these in place, and are you actually using the software to its fullest potential? Many of our clients purchase Kronos to streamline their work, but don’t actually utilize all the available options for integrations between different programs.

You’ve already implemented your Kronos software to remove redundancies and increase efficiencies. Now’s the time to think about all the various software your organization uses, and if those have been integrated with your Kronos system. These integrations will not only increase the effectiveness of your Kronos software, but also save you time in processing data and decreasing human error.

Human Resources & Payroll Integration

If you are a larger company, you probably already have your HR/Payroll system integrated with Kronos, but if you are smaller, this is a key area you want to explore and integrate first before touching anything else. If you are still manually entering employees, or moving data from one place to another, connecting those systems with Kronos will save you time and energy.

If this seems like an overwhelming process, The WFC Group can help you bridge the gap between these systems and ensure your data isn’t compromised, keeping your business operations consistent.

What’s Next?

Once you have integrated your HR and Payroll systems, you can expand to other integrations – accounting, internal and external reporting and more.

Consider where you collect data and which spreadsheets and systems you are entering manually. How are you gathering and computing information about patients, students, customers, constituency and otherwise? What other numbers or statistics do you utilize? Integrating all these with Kronos will allow you to take full advantage of the software.

How Can We Help?

You may be thinking there is no way to integrate all your software with Kronos, but you would be surprised. Here at The WFC Group we begin all builds with the end goal of 100% automation of your solutions so that your managers can focus their time elsewhere. Our seasoned consultants have experience in all industries and most likely with any software integration you may need. If you have any questions about whether something can be integrated (it probably can) or want us to help you uncover connections you should be making, please contact us

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