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Move to Dimensions This Year and Save in the Future

Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives
Posted by Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives on Apr 20, 2021 10:45:00 AM

move to dimensions this year and save in the future










Workforce Central users, there's a reason UKG Dimensions is the fastest-adopted system in Kronos/UKG company history. Not only are the benefits of Dimensions endless, but the clock is also ticking on the time you have to migrate from Workforce Central. Several technological advances have taken place recently or are on the horizon, including the coming stop to the engineering of Workforce Central, the end of support for the Adobe Flash plugin, and the end of life for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. 

Based on these changes, many Workforce Central users are reevaluating their platform and are seizing the opportunity to migrate to Dimensions. With looming deadlines and your most critical resource—your people—hanging in the balance, time is of the essence.

Benefits of the Platform

Workforce Central was designed with the latest technology standards of that time. Now, the same expertise that made Workforce Central such a huge success is directed at a solution that involves the latest technological advancements today—UKG Dimensions. 

If you think you have the time to think about migrating to Dimensions, think again. Companies that choose not to migrate now are at risk of performance atrophy. Don't let your company get bogged down by maintaining an obsolete system that uses up time, effort, and money that you could use to grow your business. 

Cost of Migration

Cost is often a concern when making an organizational change, including the decision to migrate platforms. Leaders in charge of this decision should consider that it can cost more in the long run to maintain older systems with outdated technology than it would to pull the trigger and migrate to Dimensions. Some of those costs of migration hesitancy directly affect the balance sheet; other costs become apparent through stymied organizational growth. In the worst-case scenario, the cost could show up in legal fees associated with an employee data breach. 

The cost of migration to Dimensions is a continuum that runs from an "out of the box" price to the whole array of options. The sweet spot on that continuum is different for every company. However, organizations that choose to forgo a service provider's expertise in exchange for the lowest price will fail to see Dimensions reach its full capability.

Choosing a Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider can make migration to Dimensions as painless and efficient as possible. At The WFC Group, we offer a comprehensive approach and customized pricing packages that meet your organization's unique needs. In addition to implementing the platform, we can also provide change management services, staff training, and platform testing. Our goal is to set your company up for success, and we won't leave until you're happy. 

You don't have to go at this alone. The WFC Group is here to help ease the burden of migrating to UKG Dimensions. We promise to listen to your needs, adapt our services, and deliver world-class results. Contact us today to speak with an expert. 

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