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New Chatbot Streamlines Schedule Changes for Employees and Managers

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 4, 2018 11:45:00 AM


Would you chat with a bot if you knew it could speed along tedious administrative tasks, such as submitting or approving time off requests?

A new integration for Kronos Workforce Dimensions is making that possibility a reality—starting with businesses that use the Workplace by Facebook communication tools for real-time connectivity. Since AI is a central innovation of Workforce Dimensions, it makes sense that chatbot assistance would quickly become an important offering.

More than 30,000 businesses use Workplace by Facebook as their platform for internal communications and collaboration—offering instant messaging, video chats, digital group spaces and more. Now, this daily tool can help process PTO requests and shift changes for employees at businesses that also use Workforce Dimensions with a simple integration between the two.

Here are the ways an administrative chatbot like Kronos's Workplace integration can benefit the productivity of employees and managers alike.

"Customer Service" for Your Employees

There's a real, timesaving advantage in giving your employees a shortcut for PTO requests. Instead of expecting employees to find time to log in to an online portal, this chatbot allows employees to quickly submit requests as they think of them, right in the window they already use to get daily work done. The chatbot informs them of time off balances and automatically evaluates shift coverage in their absence to provide managers with important information at a glance when processing the requests.

It’s simple integrations like this that assist to speed along the process. They become crucial examples to your employees validating that their needs are important, will be addressed in a timely fashion, and don't require an interruption to their workflow.

Personal Assistant for Your Managers

Kronos's chatbot for Workplace helps managers address scheduling requests in a flash. In the Workplace chat window, managers will find PTO and shift swap requests, pertinent info (shift coverage, employee accruals, etc.), and the functionality to either approve or deny requests with a tap. Because this is all in chat, managers can then respond directly to employees regarding the decision, or request further explanation around submissions.

When Kronos detects a shift has insufficient coverage, it will automatically notify employees via their chat (based on individual availability and other criteria) to find a voluntary replacement.

Bring on the Bots

Whether or not you use Workplace by Facebook, would you trust a chatbot to help simplify and streamline processes like time off requests? What other types of AI integration and technology partnerships would you like to see for the Workforce Dimensions suite? The possibilities for productivity are plentiful, and we're excited to see what comes next!

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