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Not Just for Employees: How Workforce Management Training Empowers Executives

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 10, 2020 10:45:00 AM


As workforce management specialists, we take one responsibility particularly seriously. We know that any solution we help tailor and implement is only as effective as business leaders understand it to be. We want our clients to be as familiar with their solution as we are to help unlock its full potential. That's why we emphasize the importance of platform training not only for employees, but for managers and executives as well.

When decision-makers understand the inner and outer workings of their workforce management solution, they can achieve some enviable goals—not only in improved performance, but in cultural and organizational strength.

Builds Trust & Accountability

Knowledge gaps in workplace applications can create frustration and misunderstanding between higher-ups and their employees. Luckily, today's latest solutions put a lot of tools into managers' hands to lead efficiently, knowledgeably, and effectively. 

Training from the top-down helps leaders not only be the ones to demonstrate the way they'd like to see solutions utilized best, but also provides an opportunity to share important perspectives on why their business asks for things to be done in certain ways. Transparency between executives and employees reinforces trust beyond simply declaring "because it's how things are done here."

By being clear on how the company uses solutions to measure performance and productivity (e.g. what data they measure and how), employees can come to understand how their managers are taking responsibility as well.

Bolsters Engagement

Effective utilization of the latest features and automations can help managers strengthen their connection with employees. No one wants to be that boss who never responds to time-off requests or who puts individuals on blast via reply all emails when timesheets are past their deadlines. 

Instead, training managers and execs on how to use embedded AI and process automation to expedite routine tasks (approvals), and identify important issues to address with a glance, offers them more time to work with their employees and focus their energy on proactive performance development, not simply managing quotas. 

Strengthens Independence

We're happy to be there for our clients when additional support is needed, but we also know how satisfying self-sufficiency can be. We strive to help senior executives be their own solution experts, so they can steer their organization how they see fit. Instead of relying on outside sources, they can be the source of insights and answers to how their platform can solve new challenges.

When those at the top can be just as effective at training their employees on how to use the workforce management tools available to them, it strengthens the organization's independence as a whole.

Be Your Organization's Own Solution Experts

Whether you have a longstanding workplace solution or are implementing one anew, don't underestimate the importance of platform training, even for executives. We work closely with clients to impart our knowledge so they can be the ones to lead their organization's productivity efforts long into the future. 

Are you getting the accountability, engagement, and independence you need from your workforce management application? We can help with training tailored to you. Let us know what more you'd like to get out of your solution through expert training today.

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