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Our HR Tech Wrap Up & Takeaways

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 11, 2016 11:30:00 AM


The WFC Group spent last week at the HR Technology® Conference & Expo in Chicago, and we had a blast! We spoke with many of our booth visitors about their HR workforce management challenges, and we even snuck in some perusing of other vendors at the expo to enhance our own internal HR efforts. Attendees were seeking out new technology or help with their current technology to make their HR functions easier, more accurate and more intuitive for their users. So, what were our key takeaways from the conference?

Consolidations & Integrations

One of the common HR challenges we recently wrote about was integrations. As we saw for ourselves firsthand, there are so many tools available in HR, and many of them drastically differ according to industry or specific areas of the HR space. These platforms should easily interface with workforce management software, but it can be quite the challenge to set this up seamlessly. Our experts spoke with attendees about the best way to set up integration processes to ensure success, and how to keep business operations live and running successfully during these transitions. We also spoke with people about how to consolidate their software platforms to standardize their data on a single system.

Digital Strategy

A key component to ensuring your HR strategy is successful, is to focus on your digital HR strategy. It is unfortunately not surprising that we spoke with many attendees who did not have a digital strategy in place. How will you handle technology as it relates to HR? If you are a growing company, what needs will you need 5 or 10 years from now? Selecting software that grows with your company and is sustainable as you grow should be a major factor in deciding which new software to add to your company portfolio.

Software Assessment & Re-Configuration

We spoke with many Kronos users who were looking to do an assessment of their system, and reconfigure specific areas to ensure their users could accurately and successfully use the software. Many times in the implementation process your workforce management software can be scheduled with a timeline that is too aggressive, often overlooking important areas that need attention.  


Our own Jim Wagner and Chris White manning The WFC Group booth. 

So, that’s it! A successful HR Tech in the books. Did you not get a chance to stop by our booth? Do you still have questions about your HR workforce management software? Our experts are on hand to answer your questions, so contact us today. We look forward to HR Tech 2017 in Las Vegas!