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Our Keys to Delivering Workforce Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on May 29, 2018 11:45:00 AM

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Since our founding in 2009, clients have turned to The WFC Group for our clear and shared goal of maximizing workforce potential. As implementers and consultants, we've found our calling at the cross-section of workplace infrastructure and technology, helping businesses define a combination of processes and tools that set the stage for success.

We already offer deep insight into the inner workings of the softwares and solutions we are proud to recommend, and we continually strive to elevate our standards for how we come to understand our clients' needs to tailor solutions for them best. We've recently further defined our process for achieving our client-driven goals and overall customer experience. This will help guide our teams and our partners reach for the highest expectations in service and overall results.

  1. Sound Strategies Built Through Careful Listening

The best solutions aren't made in a vacuum to be handed down and enforced. A well configured solution starts first in getting to know and deeply understand a business's goals and current state. We put a lot of extra effort into the start of our engagement, hosting sessions with our client partners to uncover every bit of insight we can to determine the best configuration—not settling for wholly prepackaged solutions. We also use this preparation to set expectations and ensure we have a common understanding of the goals of the project and the path to get there.

  1. Configuring Customized Solutions

Using learnings from the upfront strategy phase, our team sets to work in solutions design sessions, defining the building blocks that, when combined, address each of our client's needs and goals. Together, these systems, modules and process improvements get presented as a comprehensive solution design before ultimately being put into place.

  1. Before, During and Beyond Implementation

Once a solution set is fully designed, our team works closely with clients to undergo user acceptance testing (UAT) and training. This helps ensure our benchmarks have been met before bringing the system on-line. Throughout the process, we give a considerable amount of attention to client knowledge and support, making sure that they and their teams are prepared to use the systems to their full potential off-the-bat. Building a collaborative environment with customers is top priority to guarantee a successful knowledge transfer. We'll even develop materials to benefit employees at all levels through system migration or new onboarding.

Our customers are our top priority and driving best practices will ensure higher user adoption. The WFC team provides a constant focus on increasing the overall customer experience. “We are thrilled about this launch and strive to deliver the highest quality services to our clients” said Neil Shah, CEO of The WFC Group. With the right foundation in place and new steps to continually perform our best as workforce management consultants and implementers, we look forward offering even stronger support for answering businesses' productivity needs.

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