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Our Top 5 Workforce Management Posts of 2018

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 8, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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As one last reflection on the past year, we're recapping five topics that caught the attention of a lot of readers in 2018.

The popularity of these posts is a good indicator of the latest concerns of workforce leaders that will likely carry into the coming year. How do these leading topics relate to your organization's upcoming performance and productivity concerns?

1. AI is Ready for Workforce Management, But Is Your Company Ready for AI?

The integration of artificial intelligence into today's solutions is quickly becoming ubiquitous. Forward-thinking managers are eager to stay on the cutting edge of productivity. Reaching the point of AI preparedness will be more challenging for some businesses, but all have the opportunity to maximize their productive potential. Getting there will require cooperation between people, data and IT infrastructure alike.

2. Three Approaches for Keeping Current with Workforce Management Innovation News

With the pace of change as quick as it is, keeping up to date is a clear concern for businesses that aim to stay competitive. Here, we've identified three types of sources that organizational leaders can follow to get the latest on developments in workforce management for their best benefit.

3. The AI Tipping Point: Adopt Now or Watch Your Workforce Walk

Managers aren't the only people interested in the the benefits of AI. Workers see the advantages and anticipate that their employers will afford these to their workforces.

4. Do Employee Devices Have a Place in Your Workforce Management?

This isn't a new concern for most businesses, but we expect it will continue as mobile devices continue to innovate and offer functionality in and outside of the workplace. It's up to internal leaders to decide whether these devices pose an advantage or a challenge to overall workplace productivity.

5. Three Complex Woes for Workforce Management

When a workforce management system isn't working to its optimal potential, there are three ways to improve. Here are three ways to determine whether your business needs more, less or different solutions in play.

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