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Our Top Tips for Enhancing or Implementing Kronos Workforce Ready Software

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 16, 2015 11:30:00 AM


Last week we wrote about our Key Takeaways from KronosWorks 2015, including the excitement surrounding Workforce Ready, especially the community that’s building, and customers truly wanting to help with the evolution of the product. Our own Director of Strategic Initiatives Michael Turner saw this first hand when he participated in a customer panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon during the conference.

We were in good company on the panel, which included three current customers – John Leopold of Goodwill of Central Coastal Virginia, Barb Lutz of Heart of the Rockies Medical Center, and Bette Thompson of Iris USA. The panel focused on helping customers use the Workforce Ready solution as efficiently and effectively as possible. All participants shared their own best practices using the full suite, and attendees were able to learn how they could improve their processes and gain the most benefits from the tool.

As a Kronos Gold Accredited Partner, The WFC Group has helped dozens of our customers implement the tool successfully. Here are some of our tips that Michael Turner discussed during the panel:


A lot of customers don’t know about the widgets that Workforce Ready provides. They give managers and employees a means to perform job-related tasks, making it easier to navigate through the system, and allows users to add commonly used items – grouping them into sub-menus and customizing the look and feel. We think widgets are actually one of the best things about Workforce Ready.

User Adoption

There are many ways for customers to get acclimated to the system. We’ve found that customers who start using the software immediately after training benefit the most. Additionally, the online tutorials walk customers through the system very well, and all training is available from within the product, which is a great benefit. Lastly, customers gain access to a generically configured sandbox, which is a great took for learning the product, and can also be used to help with conversation during the discovery process.

Best advice?

As mentioned, we’ve implemented Workforce Ready for dozens of happy clients. What’s the biggest pieces of advance we have for companies looking to move forward with Workforce Ready?

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! No question is too small to ask – the more questions that are brought up, the more likely we are able to understand what our customers hope to gain from the software. Also, communicate with your employees early on. This helps with change management down the road.
  • Be prepared for discovery. Ensure that employees involved in the project understand the current processes and how they work, and think about your pain points – how would you like to improve them? And finally, start the integration conversations early.

Have questions you’d like answered about Workforce Ready? Read our article on why we love the software, and contact us to speak with one of our implementation specialists.

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