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Paging All Retailers: It's Time to Face the Future with Smarter Workforce Management

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 24, 2018 10:45:00 AM


The landscape of retail is changing rapidly—as evident from the struggles of some of the biggest names in the game. Being slow to adapt to the demands of newer generations is no longer an option for most. (We see you, Gen Z.) With forecasts pinning 2020 as a crucial turning point, the pressure is on for retailers to tighten up their operations—and internal technologies like workforce management are just as important as customer-facing ones. Our partners at Kronos have identified three key workforce management themes that will affect bottom lines over the next couple of years, and we'd like to further emphasize their importance.

Artificial Intelligence Offers Real Assistance

Data crunching is a whole lot easier these days with the built-in algorithms and machine learning used by many top workforce management systems. Now, solutions like Kronos can monitor easily overlooked patterns in your workforce data that present managers and employees with dashboards chock-full of information that can be used to improve productivity and efficiency. That's right, employees benefit from data too!

Smarter Scheduling Improves Staffing Efficiency

Cost-effective scheduling means having the right talent, right place, right time—no over/under-staffing and minimizing both overtime and absenteeism. Scheduling solutions like Kronos provides can help simplify how you allocate human resources across one storefront or many, striking a balance with employees' scheduling preferences. Added abilities also enable employees to negotiate shift changes and swaps with each other—as long as they meet the necessary criteria—alleviating managers of the need to manually shuffle resources.

Mobile Solutions Empower Management On-The-Move

The best retail management is achieved not from behind a desk, but out on the floor. Mobile capabilities in workforce solutions like Kronos allow for managers to remotely oversee administrative matters that a Kronos configuration brings to attention. For example, when an employee time-off request cannot be automatically approved due to conflicts, their manager can assess the situation from wherever they are on their mobile device. Employees and managers alike can be more agile at placing and evaluating requests to ensure no shift goes unfilled.

These three themes are just some of the many new solutions that will benefit businesses' productivity and bottom line as we speed along to 2020. If you'd like to learn more about bringing your retail operation up to speed from within, our team is ready to help. Reach out today to discuss how you can implement AI, scheduling and mobility best to suit your retail operation's needs.

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