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Pay Only for What You Need: Workforce Management Edition

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 19, 2019 11:45:00 AM


For all the advantages workforce management technologies have to offer, businesses are challenged to match the best available solutions to actual operational needs.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, yet the pressures leave little wiggle room to experiment with different combinations and configurations of solutions to find what works best for them. Business leaders want insights to make quick, reliable decisions for achieving proven results. They want to know that what they are paying for is working to their best benefit.

As workforce management consultants, we at The WFC Group understand that different businesses have different needs. One of the most important roles we play for our partners is by analyzing their currently used solutions, evaluating how well they help or hinder productivity and profitability, and recommending ways to improve how workforce management can work harder for them. We call this service a Needs Assessment.

The benefits of a Needs Assessment are threefold:

1. Eliminate Redundancies

It's easy to be sold on the promises of the "latest and greatest" workforce solutions. As businesses draw on new technologies to address individual needs, it's not uncommon for some to offer features that overlap with the solutions already in use.

A Needs Assessment helps leaders see where investments may be costing their business twice-over for similar benefits. We then look further to understand which solution offering meets the experience needs of the employee base at all levels to recommend the solution path with which to consolidate expenses.

2. Uncover Efficiencies

Although there are many comprehensive workforce management platforms available that address a general swath of business needs all at once, some businesses perform best by drawing on multiple solutions that serve different needs.

When multiple solutions are in use, it's important for all to work in close connection with each other—achieved best through integration where possible. Needs Assessments help reveal untapped opportunities to make active solutions work even better for businesses by strengthening how data is shared across platforms, eliminating the risk of inaccuracies created by fragmented record-keeping.

3. Fill in the Gaps

Lastly, on the highest level, a Needs Assessment helps identify where active workforce management solutions fail to address the needs of employees, managers and businesses as a whole. We seek to understand the frustration workers face with technologies in play—points of stress that challenge their feeling of engagement as an employee. Once we know what employees wish worked better for them, we present operational leaders with insights on how to make current investments work even harder or how new implementations will pay off in productivity and performance.

Ready to Put Your Current Workforce Management Solutions to the Test?

Our team is always looking to help businesses optimize their workforce management play. Bottom line, a Needs Assessment helps ensure that you get the most out of any workforce management investment. An assessment could prove that active solutions are already pulling their weight, or it may uncover crucial opportunities for improvement. We know the right questions to ask, but the conversation starts with you. Reach out today to set forth on your path to gathering the insights toward making sure you're getting the most out of what you pay for in workforce management tech.


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