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Rebuilding a Skilled Workforce from the Community Up

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 7, 2018 11:45:00 AM


Some of the most important experiences in life take place outside of a profession and help shape one's worldview. One of our own experiences like this recently sprang back into focus through a surprising feature on Facebook's Returning the Favor TV show—a series that recognizes those who pay it forward and gives back to help keep their work going.

As part of our annual company summit in 2016, we had the privilege to volunteer with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO). Not only is this organization helping rebuild houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina—it's doing so by providing practical training for young adults to learn hands-on, occupational skills. And they're strengthening their communities with a commitment to education by providing these houses to teachers! Their leadership sets an incredible example, which is what made this outing so remarkable for us.

Watch this episode of Returning the Favor to see just how amazing this organization is. Then consider YRNO or an organization like this that focuses on real community impact from the ground up for a service project of your own or for your organization. They accept volunteers of all ages, not just teens. Helping this organization made for a perfect team-building and leadership development experience for us at The WFC Group. I know our team gained a lot from just one day working onsite with the YRNO team.


In a way, YRNO offers a lot of what we believe manufacturers should consider doing to build up their workforce and industry from within. Sometimes we have to look beyond the industry to what's happening at a community level to see what real change for the future looks like.


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