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Remote on the Rise: Virtual Work Environments More Than a Perk

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 2, 2016 11:30:00 AM


As mobile and communication technology develops alongside employer desires for efficiency and cost-cutting measures, the demand for a remote workforce continues to gain popularity. In addition, Millennials rising in leadership insist on work-life balance and flexible work hours, knowing they can provide high-quality work from nearly anywhere. 

A flexible work environment is not just an interesting and intriguing benefit for many companies — it’s inevitable across all industries and fields. The trend is moving from perk to predictable, from exceptional to expected.  

Even more, remote working is projected to grow by about 30% in the next few years. Much of the drive behind this trend is led by technology. Members of the workforce often have their own personal computers, mobile tablets and smart phones on which they use company apps and software to stay connected and to work seamlessly. Furthermore, companies can customize and distribute devices and tools to keep their workforce tied together, with immediate updates and upgrades.

When something happens in one office, everyone can find out immediately, even faster and more efficiently than walking down the hall or sending out a memo.

As the stigmas traditionally associated with remote working wane, and working remotely becomes more mainstream, companies will be charged with developing innovative and personalized options that work for their organization. Incentive packages, tracking and scheduling and project management will be necessary for companies to move into this new way of thinking about and managing their workforce.

The WFC Group has been a leader in remote working, with 100% of our workforce in a remote environment. We love that we can provide work-life balance to our employees and have seen great success with this model. We were recently named one of the “50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility” by Fortune and Great Place to Work.


Does a remote workforce work for your company? What are the challenges you face in moving in this direction?

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