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Remote Workforces Still Need Centralized Productivity & Workforce Management Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 5, 2018 11:45:00 AM


Companies of all sizes are flexing their remote workforce muscles more and more as of late. Some allow employees to work offsite on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis, while others like us at The WFC Group operate entirely remotely. This flexible working style offers a lot of benefits to organizations, from tech-driven startups to massive enterprise systems, but not without having a solid workforce management system in place to support it. With a fragmented workforce of any size, the importance of unhindered personal access to benefits, payroll and productivity tools like timekeeping is paramount—all of which can be solved with centralized workforce solutions.

Why Companies Allow Remote Work

As a remote company, we know firsthand the benefits of not being tied to an office. Minimized overhead is an obvious advantage, but more importantly this allows us to hire top-caliber talent from anywhere—and we're proud of the team we've assembled from coast to coast to serve our clients best. For companies that balance onsite and offsite work, other identifiable advantages may be cultural appeal to younger workforces, stronger employee trust and retention, and simply expanded sources of inspiration from breaking out of the cubicle. has a great piece examining why Startups are Winning the Remote Work Game that backs this all up with data—but you don't have to be a startup to make remote flexibility your own advantage.

Cloud Solutions Simplify Remote Workforce Management

A decentralized employee base can benefit greatly from a centralized, cloud-based workforce management system, from HR administration to task management and timekeeping. Turning to a cloud-based solution provider, like our partner Kronos, helps remote employees stay connected to the core functions of an organization, providing security and peace of mind so they can focus on productive tasks. These cloud-based solutions also help keep systems uniform and up-to-date, since software updates get distributed and applied automatically—minimizing technical downtime (something every IT and accounting department can appreciate).

A Partner That's Never Far

We're always excited to see businesses new and old dipping their toes into the remote workforce waters—something we're old pros at now. Helping make sure organizations have the infrastructure to support this work style is something we're more than happy to help, from workforce management implementations and transitions to offering our consultation on a more optimized configuration of current systems in play. Let's talk about what this newfound flexibility can do for you.

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