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Striving Beyond Work: How We're Encouraging Our Team to Live Big

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 8, 2017 11:30:00 AM

LiveBig1.png LiveBig3.jpg LiveBig2.pngFrom L to R: WFC Group employees Jill Stidd, Neil Shah & Kimberly Scott

In a time when email and mobile devices have created an "always on" working culture, it's important for professionals and businesses to strike a balance. As a company with an entirely remote workforce spanning four time zones, we know all too well the effort, energy and discipline this all takes. That's why we've started an internal initiative to "Live Big," inviting our staff to take opportunities to pursue a personal activity goal outside of work, and we support them along the way.

To "Live Big" is To Be Active and Engaged

A key contributing factor to employee engagement is feeling like there is room to grow, both professionally and individually. These opportunities for growth aren't confined to the office either, and they don't clock out after 5. That's where our Live Big project comes in. We're encouraging activities outside of work that push personal boundaries and contribute to personal wellness. When we're motivated to challenge ourselves outside of work, we can build our confidence and carry that into our careers.

Achieving Time Well Spent

We only have so much time in a day, and it's easy to use that as an excuse. Finding a sense of fulfillment can be as simple as choosing one challenge or activity and committing to it, even if it's a one-time event. Then we move on to the next. When we begin to make smarter decisions (one at a time) in our daily lives, we can apply that experience in our work. Here are some of our team's accomplishments so far:

  • Overcoming doubts while biking across an entire state
  • Finding comfort in planning usual emails and tasks around a short, daily break
  • Scratching an itch to reach new heights, hiking new territory and learning more about the world around

As Individuals Grow, Companies Do Too

The possibilities of personal challenges are endless, and the benefits are shared by all. Living Big is best done as a team. We're rooting alongside each of our colleagues in their chosen endeavors. The stories and lessons each returns with offer something to everyone involved.

  • Build confidence, healthier habits
  • A feeling of being valued on a personal level
  • Encouraging curiosity, fresher thinking

At the heart of "Live Big" is a desire for everyone to seek fulfillment and avoid just coasting through the day. Staying active and engaged around our own and the team's challenges is the perfect foundation for growing stronger together. How are you encouraging your team to Live Big?

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