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Take Charge of Change to Avoid Serious Consequences

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 6, 2016 11:30:00 AM

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Change is hard. When you are making changes that effect your entire organization, change management is critical, as the implications ripple across your organization.

This especially applies when making changes such as upgrades or additions to your Kronos software. There’s not a department Kronos doesn’t touch, so preparing every employee for this change is crucial.

Watch Out for This

If you don’t have a plan in place to prepare your employees and to usher in the changes smoothly, a number of unintended consequences may occur:

  • Frustration and Disillusion: If your employees are not trained on the software changes, they may find themselves overwhelmed, which can lead them to find less efficient hacks or to abandon the process all together.
  • Rumors and Misinformation: Where communication lacks, misinformation can thrive. Without training, employees may find themselves using the software improperly and teaching others to do the same.
  • Mistakes and Extra Work: If false information spreads or workarounds replace proper usage, employees may have to go back and manually input data. This negates the purpose of your Kronos software in the first place, adding more work and allowing for more error.

Take Charge and Avoid Consequences

Avoiding these potential problems is a matter of forethought and change management.

  • Training: Be proactive in approaching your new Kronos changes with full training, just like you did when you set it up the first time. Provide training for everyone that will be touching and using Kronos. Not only will this ready them for new features, but it will also be a refresher of items they had forgotten or need to brush up on.
  • Communication: Keep lines of communication open and don’t assume everyone knows what they need to know. Use a variety of forms of communication, such as memos, presentations and conversations, to ensure you have reached everyone with the information they need.
  • Follow Up: As the new changes are implemented, check in with every department and with each employee to find out if there are any concerns or questions.

How We Can Help

Change management is one of the solutions we excel at, helping our clients make smooth transitions. We share are best practices to assist with planning early on in your project. Our change management plan will guide the process so everyone from management to staff is informed and comfortable with the new systems.

The WFC Group provides all the information you need to get started - a communication plan for reaching out to all stakeholders, a plan for training each type of user, and more.

If you have specific concerns about preparing your workforce for your next Kronos change, let’s talk! Contact us today. Also, make sure to check out a previous blog post of ours, 3 Tips For Better Change Management At Your Organization.

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