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Talent Talks: Manufacturing employees explain what will get them to stay

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 15, 2019 10:45:00 AM


People power is dominating manufacturers' concerns as the talent market grows ever tighter. And now, plant operators aren't only concerned with attracting new talent, but retaining the talent they already have. Filling new and open roles is the number one industry challenge by many accounts.

A new survey by shines a light on what business leaders want to know most with answers straight from the source — manufacturing workers themselves. Their responses uncover the factors that influence whether they leave or stay and provide a clearer picture of what their employers could do differently to keep them engaged.

Manufacturer Growth Depends on Employee Growth & Development

Aside from compensation and benefits, existing workers declare a clear path for promotion and career growth as a top influence on their desire to remain with their employer. This isn't necessarily unique to manufacturing, since Gallup places growth and development high on their keys to employee engagement, but manufacturers have the most ground to cover in closing the talent skills gap.

What Existing Talent Wants Appeals to New Talent, Too

The great thing about investing in employee growth and development internally is that these programs and paths to career development that incoming workers also desire. By investing in internal mentorships, continuing education, and educational partnerships for existing employees, manufacturers can attract fresh talent. 

Workforce Management Solutions are Employee Development Solutions Too

While the needs of manufacturers continue to evolve, long-term strategies must revolve around developing the talent that's needed from within, rather than counting on the market to anticipate. Today's workforce management solutions provide full-cycle employee development tools, from new hire to veteran, for workforce managers create stronger connections and clear plans of action for keeping great talent around and helping them grow.

Create the world of manufacturing talent you'd like to see, and nurture the workers the industry's survival already depends on.

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