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The AI Tipping Point: Adopt Now or Watch Your Workforce Walk

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 28, 2018 11:45:00 AM


We're not being dramatic when we say the pressure is on for businesses to act on artificial intelligence (AI). This perspective isn't just ours, as workforce consultants. It's rooted in what is already being expressed from within the companies we aim to help. Failure to address your employees' AI outlook could threaten your organization's ability to retain and attract top performing talent and to compete overall. Don't just take our word for it. Consider the following results from two important, new employee surveys, as covered by

Employees Want AI's Advantages

Fact: 93% of HR leaders and employees would trust orders from a bot and support greater AI integration into their place of work. (Study: "AI at Work" by Oracle and Future Workplace.)

Over the next three years alone, 35–60% of employees hope to see these effects of AI in the workplace:

  • improve operational efficiencies
  • speed up decision making
  • greatly reduce cost
  • improve customer experiences
  • improve the employee experience

HR professionals also see clear potential for AI to benefit the following areas:

  • learning and development
  • performance management
  • compensation/payroll
  • recruiting and employee benefits

It's clear that interest in AI is already strong within the workforce, but there are also some serious concerns. Surprisingly, these concerns aren't over AI itself, rather with business leaders lack of a clear plan to make AI work for them.

Four out of five employees think AI will make work more engaging and empowering, but employers' silence on the topic is a concern. (Study: "Engaging Opportunity: Working Smarter with AI" by The Workforce Institute at Kronos.)

Their fear is justifiably rooted in the risk of decreased productivity, skills becoming obsolete or eventual job loss if leaders don't prepare soon for the inevitable AI shift.

Leadership: Don't Hold HR and Employees Back

Let your workforce know AI is on your radar. Building trust and confidence in your outlook on the future starts with communicating a plan. Let your employees know you're aware of the impending trend and plan to lead, not follow in the footsteps of those who succeed first.

Respondents to Oracle's survey anticipate AI skills and knowledge will be increasingly important over the next three years, but HR professionals worry they don't have the resources or means to take action quickly enough. Adoption of AI will soon be rapid, but employers have a long way to go to provide their teams the tools and training to stay ahead of the AI skills gap, both in recruiting and in retention. The talent stream will flow toward the companies that get it right early because workers know the payoff AI offers in alleviating work burdens and helping them do their jobs better and with more purpose.

We Want to Help You Compete

As workforce consultants, The WFC Group is determined to help businesses maintain their competitive edge and to put forth the systems that help attract and retain top talent. And with our help, AI can change from a looming uncertainty to an integral contributor to trust in your workplace from the bottom up, starting with critical workforce management solutions. Don't wait long to give your employees the security they perceive in AI. We're your resource for defining your AI parameters and giving your team the preparation they need to step confidently into the future. Your opportunity to begin starts with simply getting in touch.


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