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Three Approaches for Keeping Current with Workforce Management Innovation News

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 4, 2018 11:45:00 AM

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In workforce management, one thing is certain — change happens all the time and fast! Staying on top of trends as they happen will be the deciding factor between those whose productivity can compete and those who fall behind.

While The WFC Group wants our blog to be an invaluable resource for trending topics, there's always more than we can cover each week. Fortunately, our team of expert consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of workforce developments affecting businesses — prepared to resolve up-to-the-minute industry questions and concerns as they arise.

In keeping up with the stream of new developments, here are three areas we recommend HR professionals and business leaders to keep an eye on in order to stay ahead of the trend.

Human Resources, IT and WFM Professional Publications

Many trends affect the workforce as a whole. Luckily, there are many resources available at the intersection of HR and IT that can assist an organization to maximize the benefits of new WFM trends. Here are a few we keep an eye on:

Specialized Trade and Industry Coverage

On top of general HR and WFM trends, it's also important to see what workforce topics are making waves within the context of your specific industry. We look to trade publications to see how businesses are taking advantage of the latest innovations in new ways, or upcoming challenges that our workforce expertise can help solve for our clients.

Retail / Food Service / Hospitality:


Banking / Finance / Insurance:


Workforce Solutions Provider Feeds

Businesses also benefit greatly by monitoring innovation at the source. No matter which workforce management solution you rely on, you'll certainly get the latest updates on new service offerings and breakthrough features from them. It's just a matter of knowing how, what and when they can be put to work for you. Many providers even offer specialized WFM/HCM industry resources, such as The Workforce Institute by our partners at Kronos Incorporated.

We encourage businesses of all stripes to hone in on these resources from each category above to keep their workforce management radar up-to-date. If any topic is of interest, our consultants are always standing by to provide clear, expert context around what each development or trend means for your business. Feed your curiosity. Stay alert. And don't hesitate to tap into The WFC Group's resourceful team for even more answers and solutions!

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