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Three More Reasons Service and Hospitality Industry Leaders Will Love Kronos Workforce Dimensions

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 12, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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There's now even more about Kronos Workforce Dimensions for employers to be excited about, especially in the retail, hospitality and the food service industries.

Kronos recently announced new enhancements to its latest cloud-based workforce management suite that arm organizations with the ability to achieve even greater operational efficiency in managing workforces and workflows.

These new updates to Workforce Dimensions improve managers abilities to empower employees at every stage, from new hire to top performer. Let's dig in to the improved benefits Workforce Dimensions provides.

Modern Scheduling Relief

Keeping track of labor staffing and customer demand can be a challenge, but Workforce Dimensions taps into the power of artificial intelligence with its built in AIMEE assistant to match workforce to workload through accurate forecasting and predictive scheduling. This AI assistance breaks down storefront performance by hour and day to make sure the right amount of coverage is available. It also matches employees with certain skills to shifts that demand their special attention, while also accounting for employee shift preferences.

This built-in consideration for employee preferences helps businesses increase their level of engagement, leading to stronger productivity and retention. Improved labor volume during key high- and low-traffic periods also ensures businesses can efficiently optimize their labor expenses by and average of 20%!

Smarter, Streamlined Task Management

Daily business needs change rapidly, and keeping employee tasks prioritized can be challenging. Workforce Dimensions now includes Kronos Task Management powered by ThinkTime, designed to help retailers deliver a superior customer experience one prioritized task at a time.

Dimensions makes pro-activity in task planning possible by analyzing past performance data and needs, also informing scheduling. But perhaps this features greatest strength is the mobile ability to change task distribution and update employees in real time. This means organizations can flexibly maintain balanced workflows even when demands are constantly changing.

Stronger HCM for Better Employee Life Cycles

Retail HR professionals specifically have a lot to be excited about with Workforce Dimensions HCM. This solution set unifies talent acquisition, onboarding, and performance management capabilities for streamlined employee engagement. This responsive design has the ability to free up HR pros to manage these processes from anywhere on any device.

Workforce Dimensions HCM also taps into Kronos's Employee Perspectives technology, which uses deep analytics to provide greater visibility into workforce performance down to the individual, allowing HR pros and managers to strengthen personal connections at the employee level.


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