Three Reasons “Free” Software Implementations are Definitely Not Free.

Three Reasons “Free” Software Implementations are Definitely Not Free.

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are often in the position to give Clients free implementation services in return for the revenue they incur on subscription-based technology fees. After all, if a Client can avoid paying a six figure implementation fee but still get their software implemented and available to them for the same Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) expense, they stand to save quite a bit of money. If only this was true – in reality, we all know that we get what we pay for. Here are three reasons why these “free” implementations are really not free at all.

Reason #1: No Personalized Success

“Free” implementations tend to be as fast, basic, and standardized as possible. You might be a chemical manufacturer with ten domestic locations and 2,500 employees, but you will be getting the same implementation that a financial services company with two international locations and only 500 employees will receive. Are your business needs the same? Are your personnel capabilities and business intelligence ecosystems the same? Of course not!

Your business and business requirements are unique, and if your software implementation does not account for these appropriately, it will cost you much more in the long run to make corrections.

Reason #2: No Time to Focus

Entrepreneur reports that insufficient time to complete the project is one of the top reasons software projects fail, and timelines only get tighter when you work with free implementation services. Need more time to dig a little deeper in Discovery for those detailed requirements? Sorry, Discovery has a one-week timeline, period. Your users need more in-depth training to really master your new system? No time for that, you got the basic training and maybe access to a video library, so make it work.

If the project is rushed through, you can be certain that you will spend more time and money later redoing what should have been done well and right the first time.

Reason #3: No Change Management

The Standish Group found that only 16.2% of IT implementation projects are successful and that the top reason that they are challenged or even cancelled altogether is lack of user involvement, meaning the project failed to allow for end user input, communication, and buy-in. When system users are not involved in an implementation project, they simply tend to not adopt the software – people do not accept what they do not understand. This why Change Management is an essential requirement of a successful implementation project.

Without effective Change Management, you may successfully implement the system, but you will unfortunately never successfully use the system. This results in lost productivity, cash, and time.

How to Get Real Value from your Free Implementation – Work with a Trusted White Glove Service Partner

The key to making a free implementation work for you is engaging with the right experts to augment it, termed “White Glove” across multiple industries. At The WFC Group, we routinely encounter Clients who are struggling with the aftermath of a failed or otherwise less than successful free implementation of their HCM software solution. We specialize in partnering with you and your implementation provider to deliver White Glove Services. Here is our proven process: 

  • Start with Strategy. We work with your team to build and execute a detailed project plan, including work breakdown structure, guidance on determining all business requirements, training and communication plans, and more.
  • Define with Discovery. We lead you through the Discovery process to identify all business requirements needed from your solution. We also perform a fit-gap analysis to identify any deficiencies that will need customization to accommodate.
  • Qualify with Testing. We quality check your solution configuration so that you know it meets your needs and is optimized for maximum efficiency. We also prepare you with testing scenarios and support through User Acceptance Testing and End-to-End testing.
  • Equip with Training. We help you train your team to create self-sufficiency and mastery of your new solution. Further, we teach you the essential components of effective organizational Change Management so you can mitigate any risk of user rejection and create buy-in for your new solution with every employee from end users to SMEs.
  • Support with Delivery. We partner with you through Go-Live so you have continual, effective support. The end result is a sustainable, scalable solution that returns your investment in short order. 

Don’t let your “free” HCM software implementation cost you in the long run. Contact the HCM experts at The WFC Group today to get the support you need for a successful return on your HCM software investment

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