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Why Delaying Your Flash-Free WFM Update Could Put You at Serious Risk

As the death of Adobe Flash draws near, many technology customers may be wondering if and how they can get away...

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What's Really at Stake When Adobe Discontinues Flash?

Protecting Your Workforce Management Benefits

The expiration of Adobe Flash is set in stone. Technology customers...

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Flash FAQs: 2020 Workforce Management Edition

Here are some common questions and concerns regarding the impending end of Adobe Flash plugin as it relates to key...

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The 3 Workforce Management Customers Facing Risk as the End of Adobe Flash Nears

At the end of 2020, Adobe will end all support of its Flash media plugin. While many workforce management providers...

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3 Deadlines for Preparing Your Workforce Management Solution for the End of Adobe Flash

Coronavirus may have upturned many plans and expectations for 2020, but one crucial deadline remains unchanged....

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Your Checklist and Timeline for Upgrading to a Flash-free Kronos Workforce Solution

2020 is a year of important technological change. Kronos customers have between now and the end of the year to...

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Don't Wait Till Q3 to Make Sure Your Kronos Suite is Flash-free: Here's Why

The countdown to the end of Adobe Flash is ticking fast. Businesses now have just 11 months to get their technology...

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3 Additional Benefits of Upgrading to Flash-free Kronos Workforce Central 8.1.3 Before the Q4 Rush

If you've followed our previous posts, you'll already know that the demise of Adobe Flash is imminent (by the end of...

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Which Kronos Customers Will the End of Flash Affect Most?

2020 is the year we finally wave goodbye to Adobe Flash. Once a prominent multimedia plugin used widely across...

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