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Trending in Education? A for Analytics: How Workforce Technology Can Help Educators

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 12, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Individual schools and districts spend countless hours completing daily tasks vital to effective and satisfactory operations, but these to-do’s can detract from time educators can spend growing and enhancing their departments.

These educational institutions can take advantage of modern technology to free educators from tedious tracking and monitoring, and allow more time to focus on encouraging our nation’s youth. Today more than ever, there is a pressing need to utilize this technology.

Legal Compliance

Making sure you are compliant is always a concern in the education industry. Kronos’ Leave and Attendance modules can keep schools within compliance of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and ACA (Affordable Care Act). By tracking everything from pay and overtime to records and accruals, the tools can monitor issues before they arrive and alert educators before they are out of compliance.

This allows educators to spend their time on education – rather than researching, and constantly thinking about changes in laws.

District Level Accountability

Education institutions tend to struggle in capturing data at the district level. Districts can use Kronos’ Leave and Attendance modules to monitor educators at individual schools, ensuring uniformity and conformity to district rules and state and federal laws.

Kronos can also manage supplemental pay – including bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, accumulated sick leave, severance pay, and retroactive wage increases – all at the district level.

Substitute Tracking

Many educational institutes are currently struggling with tracking their substitute teachers. How do you fix this? In order to attract the best substitute teachers you need to provide a seamless tracking system that automates requests and placements, and tracks hours. And just as important – it needs to provide easy visibility and reporting of hours to management to help them make informed decisions.

Such software has to meet those unique needs of last minute substitution as well as integrate with other software, such as pay systems.

Contrast and Comparison

There is an increased need for Big Data – Analytics in 2016. Kronos’ Workforce Analytics can track tasks and labor across various schools within districts. Comparing big data on a district-wide scale gives supervisors details of which projects and systems are meeting goals and which are detracting.

In doing so, they can make specific decisions and succeed as individual schools and as a district.

All the Little Extras

The life of an educator can be complicated and so can their pay structure. Recently, teachers are taking on more responsibilities outside of the classroom – coaching, tutoring, etc. These additional jobs can complicate tracking and pay schedules for teachers.

Kronos’ Leave and Attendance modules can automate and streamline these tasks and pay structures to ensure teachers are paid fairly and to keep their work in compliance with labor laws.


The WFC Group has years of experience working in Kronos within the education industry, assisting institutions in implementing simple, yet robust systems for workforce management, helping to solve today’s pressing problems in K-12 schools. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!


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