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Two Health & Safety Considerations for Workforce Management, Now & After COVID-19

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 14, 2020 10:45:00 AM


As businesses everywhere continue to reassess the systems and procedures they have in place, the integral role of workforce management solutions to workplace health and safety should not be overlooked. We're not just thinking about workforce management as the first point of exchange for employee sick leave accruals and time-off requests. We're highlighting how today's solutions can act as a line of personal and organizational defense.

By employing the right capabilities, employers can both keep progress alive while preventing the spread of communicable illnesses that threaten their employees' health and productivity. The following advantages are already widely available to help customers of workforce management solutions (such as Kronos) prioritize health and safety, both now facing the novel coronavirus and later fighting the spread of the common flu or cold.

Mobile Clock-in

Whether your employees are sheltering in place at home, working out in the field, or fulfilling essential duties onsite, implementing mobile timecard punches can boost efficiency and health. By having employees clock in on their own mobile devices, you can eliminate a key point of communal contact—not to mention a key source of onsite foot traffic at shift start or end. (There's only so much a dispenser for hand sanitizer can do.)

Mobile punches also allow remote or field workers to tap in from wherever they start their work for the day. This can also include employees taking precautions by working from home while under the weather.

Remote Engagement Add-Ons

Part of the concerns with remote work under quarantine, especially for those who thrive in group settings, relates to mental health and wellness. Just as over-communication is key to keeping work on track while apart, it's also essential to keep the employer-employee connection strong. 

By utilizing add-ons such as employee survey services, workforce administrators can consolidate the key productivity data that solutions like Kronos Workforce Dimensions uses to evaluate worker connectivity and retention opportunities and initiate periodic communications and check-ups on all individual, department and enterprise levels. Proactive outreach can bring much-needed relief to employees cooped up at home.

Are You Geared Up For Better Workplace Health?

Workforce management systems offer even more ways in which to mitigate threats to worker health, now and later. Perhaps you already have certain ideas on how you envision changing your workplace procedures, as long as technology allows. We're happy to answer any questions or help you uncover ways to implement a health-minded workforce management strategy indicative of both our current global challenges and a concern for future performance. 

Contact our team to see what solutions may already be available to you for the short- and long-term well-being of your workers and workplace alike.

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