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Understanding the New People Analytics for Kronos Workforce Ready

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 24, 2018 11:45:00 AM

For the many businesses that already trust and use Kronos Workforce Ready for their workforce management, this solution just got a valuable update. Kronos recently announced the launch of Kronos Workforce Ready People Analytics, a suite of tools to put clearer data and insights at employers fingertips.

This announcement came at the SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition, where HR professionals gathered to learn about the latest workforce management practices and solutions. For many, this new, unified solution offers the tools to view deeper, clearer, real-time data on employee engagement and performance trends alongside predictions for a proactive HCM approach.

Connected from Pre-hire to Retire

The People Analytics suite keeps HR and managers on the leading edge of employee engagement and performance development. These tools include Kronos's Employee Perspectives solution, Workforce Scheduler and Succession Planning, and present employers with a unified data stream across the full Workforce Ready system. This data can be visualized and digested in a slew of new easy-to-understand graphs and charts in an updated dashboard interface—giving managers the ability to make data-based decisions in real time.

Employee Perspectives dives into employees individual data (productivity, performance, reliability, happiness and more), giving managers new in-depth ways to examine their workforce, build engagement strategies and take decisive action. This will help businesses to improve employee retention, develop performance, strengthen means to boost productivity.

Workforce Scheduler is bolstered by new People Analytics capabilities, drawing on data that allows managers make more proactive scheduling decisions based on individual employee performances and historic shift demands (high-performing staff for high-demand shifts, etc.), as well as react quickly to challenges like unexpected absences.

Succession Planning also taps into this wealth of data to help businesses identify and develop employees into leaders and provide strong paths for career growth and building effective management.

People Analytics is already being rolled out to Workforce Ready users, and the updated dashboard is expected for wide rollout soon this fall. If you have any questions about how to begin using People Analytics to your advantage, let's talk!

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