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What can the new Kronos Workforce Dimensions do for you?

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 28, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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It's an exciting time for the future of workforce management. New Kronos Workforce Dimensions was the surprise announcement unveiled at this year's KronosWorks conference. Since then, we've channelled our excitement into gathering the latest information on what this new solution means for the businesses we aim to serve, and the outlook is bright.

Kronos Workforce Dimensions is a new, cloud-based solution built on Kronos's new D5 platform. This platform is a key differentiator for how Kronos is looking for ways to help businesses maximize their workforce management capabilities.

Access Anywhere

Mobility is a huge benefit with Workforce Dimensions. Its fully responsive user interface (UI) is designed for ease of use across the full array of personal devices. It also gives managers even greater control over how, when and where employees can use it to their best productivity. Still, personalization is a huge advantage for staff and management alike, allowing everyone to display and organize solutions to their strongest advantage.

Custom Extensions and Integrations

Already, the platform UI is designed for a streamlined user experience and integrates easily with many of today's tools and services businesses trust to get work done, such as Google Docs, Sheets and Drive, as well as Microsoft Outlook. Workforce Dimensions will continue to grow through new add-ons and extensions developed by Kronos and its Technology Partners using open APIs to meet the evolving needs of clients.

New AI Assistance

You read that right! Workforce Dimensions comes with industry-first artificial intelligence — a digital personal assistant called Workforce Advisor. This AI uses machine learning to your advantage, helping to automate time-consuming decisions. It also powers the platform's predictive capabilities and advanced forecasting ability, producing accurate and error-proof data for improved scheduling, cost-reduction, revenue and productivity enhancement. All of this is possible with the new D5 platform, priming Workforce Dimensions with a unified information architecture and even greater computational abilities.

If you're interested in what Workforce Dimensions might mean for your business, now's the perfect time to get the conversation started. Our team is standing by to help you consider the specific advantages and solutions Workforce Dimensions presents your business.

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