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What Kronos's New Partnership with Microsoft Means for Workforce Dimensions

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 19, 2018 11:45:00 AM


Kronos Incorporated recently announced a key technology partnership with Microsoft for its Kronos Workforce Dimensions platform. To businesses that already trust Microsoft for business software, this partnership presents a huge opportunity for workforce management efficiency if they currently employ or are planning a transition to Workforce Dimensions. By teaming up, both business juggernauts aim to provide innovative, new tools to empower workforces across platforms.

Self Service Support

One key integration planned for the partnership would place a chatbot in the popular Microsoft Teams communication platform. Teams is a collaborative group chat system (often used with Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite) that many companies employ for real-time messaging between colleagues. By developing a chatbot that can be messaged via Teams for support and guidance, employees will be empowered to solve any workforce management challenges in real-time without having to submit support tickets to IT or interrupt the flow of their workday.

Clearer Context for Decisions and Approvals

Additional integrations will extend Workforce Dimensions workforce management capabilities into other widely used Microsoft softwares, like Outlook for email and calendars. The prospect of this means greater simplicity for important things like tracking time off requests and approvals right where employees entire calendars are already kept. This could also have great implications for time card management and submission across various job codes on a daily basis.

Don't Forget AI

Workforce Dimension is developed on Kronos's cutting-edge D5 platform, with built-in AI and machine learning capabilities. Combined with the powers of Microsoft's own AI discipline, we can only imagine the efficiencies that could arise, saving time and effort that allow your employees to stay focused on more important tasks. Sometimes, the computer knows best.

We know there's so much more planned for this crucial partnership, and it's going to benefit Workforce Dimensions and Microsoft Office customers in countless, big ways. Join us in keeping a watchful eye out as these key developments begin to roll out in the coming months. We hope you're as excited as we are!

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