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Why Challenging Times Are the Best Times to Assess Your Workforce Management Strengths (& Weaknesses)

Posted by Neil Shah on May 5, 2020 10:45:00 AM

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The world's greatest lessons are those often learned while overcoming great duress. Every champion—athletic, industrial, or otherwise—can tell an impressive story about an against all odds persistence and performance moment (whether personal or systemic). 

Due to the coronavirus threat, businesses everywhere are facing the greatest stress test of the current working model, and those who understand the lasting impact this will have also recognize the importance of championing adaptability, not just performance, in order to succeed. The key difference between those who ride this out as a test of business fortitude and those who instead aim to further test their own strength will be who emerges fully prepared for the months and years ahead.

With the widespread shift to remote work where possible, workforce management solutions are an essential component of this great self-test. Fortunately, there are many ways to evaluate the strength of these systems from afar—many of which we help our clients achieve through a Needs Assessment. These assessments are geared toward improving performance outcomes without interruption to daily productivity.

Unusual Circumstances Reveal More

Under normal working conditions, it takes a well-trained eye to spot opportunities for systemic improvement. When things function the way you are familiar with, and daily work continues unimpeded, lurking issues are not always easy to spot. 

On the flip side, extenuating circumstances—such as those brought on by the coronavirus response—help uncover surprising faults or shortcomings in the infrastructures we've come to trust. And while the cracks in your workforce management configuration may seem more obvious, the solutions may differ considerably depending on your business approach and your performance goals. We place our efforts and experience on understanding not only many major platforms but many industries as well to devise a proactive response and a custom plan for the future.

Don't Just Fight Challenges—Evolve With Them

The current coronavirus challenge is just one (very large) tree in a forest of our business economy. While many will pass this off as a short test and react only to the challenges at hand, the reality is the way we work may be forever changed. It's up to us to anticipate and plan for this likely future. 

Will offices give greater flexibility for employees to work from home (WFH), rotating who is onsite, and keeping offices uncrowded (and healthy)? Do the workforce management solutions in play all work well together and promote progress, or do inefficiencies inhibit the pursuit of significant business goals? Most importantly, do employees have the tools and support they need to outperform and grow, whether they are onsite or remote?

The answers may be closer than you think. We're here to help you navigate and evaluate the state of your workforce management solutions. Let's start the conversation around how you can turn that current situation into a plan for a stronger future. Contact us today to speak with one of our many talented consultants and take the first step toward discovering the value of a customized Needs Assessment.

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