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Why I Love The WFC Group

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 22, 2020 10:45:00 AM











Why would employees say they love their employers these days? What part of WFM drives that?

We think about those questions all the time. The answer frames a big part of our job. It is a key to our ability to engineer superior business performance through employee engagement with Workforce Management solutions. And we practice what we preach.

In 2020, our vision became more focused on internal processes that received greater attention and provided very good return. This blog is to share what we observed and applied to ourselves that made the biggest and most favorable impact to our business.

People love working for those who engineer WFM custom engagement

Frankly, and not surprisingly, in 2020 engineering employee happiness continued to be a major indicator of what would become acceptable business ROI – for The WFC Group and our clients.

Our employees found renewed commitment to the business of helping clients dramatically improve their WFM environments.

Robin Ball, Implementation Consultant for The WFC Group writes, “Most companies use the word teamwork but here the leadership and the employees take that word to heart. Everyone works together to deliver the best results for our customers. Egos are put aside, and the group support each other both technically and personally. I truly feel supported in everything I do here at The WFC Group.”

Chrissy Kozey, one of our Project Manager says,“I love working at the WFC group because here I am not just seen as an employee but as Chrissy. I am encouraged to spend time doing the things I love. I am a yoga instructor and a mom to two boys. I love that I can be present in their lives.”

Our Manufacturing Sales Executive, Jim Wagner says, “We all work together for the common goal of advancing the company and improving the experience of our customers. We are very ‘family oriented’ which is hugely important to me. I could not think of working anyplace else other than The WFC Group.”

Wanting a culture does no good if the technology at the employee touch point – the WFM solution – does not live up to that standard. At The WFC Group we design and implement customized Workforce Management solutions to delight and engage employees for one purpose – to improve the way people work.

Our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Michael Turner even goes so far as to write, “One of our core values is significance. I have been here for eight years now and I can honestly say that throughout my time here at The WFC Group, regardless of the role I am in, I have had the opportunity to impact change in the organization.”

Those are not just nice, warm-and-fuzzy sentiments. They translate to tangible business value. In 2020, we were able to address newly prioritized fundamentals to perfect their impact through improved visibility. More than that, we won new business and future opportunity.

Which is why I love running this company. We adapt to opportunity by putting it within reach for clients through better-than-average WFM implementations. And the market is rewarding our investment.>

We're Hiring

We are exiting 2020 in much stronger position than we could have expected.

Despite the pandemic and economic contraction in many areas, The WFC is seeking to hire new employees for the Kronos practice, Project Managers, Solution Consultants (sales), and Implementation Consultants. Browse our careers page for a full list and description of new positions sought to help manage our growth.

A Renewed Focus on Core Values

The WFC Group found a silver lining to 2020’s epic events. The pandemic and its impact on the workforce triggered a renewed commitment to core values that in turn revived employee satisfaction. We invested in re-engineering aspects of our own WFM solution to match our own workforce transformation.

-   We reacquainted our IT and HR managers with the true essence of Workforce Management.
-    We reconstructed the means of meeting our human needs with business needs.
-    We validated our own business value of customized WFM engineering.


Our clients who also invested in WFM customizations in 2020 discovered similar good results.

As a result, we have refined our approach to client needs. We support WFM professionals seeking to expand their careers. And we help clients achieve greater value and performance with technical work to improve their WFM solutions.

Tangible value came to organizations small and large who

invested in WFM software enhancements in 2020.

Business growth comes to people-centric organizations who invest in the WFM technology that serves their interest. To WFM technologists and sales professionals we invite you to join with us in discovering truly meaningful business value from new and well-engineered WFM customizations.

A formal version of our 2020 Lessons Learned from The WFC Group Clients and Staff is being developed into a brief webinar we intend to release in February 2021. Look for more news in the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading.

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