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Why Managers are the Heart of Workforce Management's Future

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 11, 2018 11:45:00 AM


With all the talk about technology as a solution to workforce management (WFM) challenges, it's important to remember that people are the real driving force behind productivity.

Today's top WFM providers have earned their lead by treating technology as a means to maximize employee potential by enabling their engaging and influential leadership from within.

This is an important distinction and a key focus of a recent Gartner report, Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management, which draws on Kronos Workforce Dimensions as an example of where solutions are heading. At the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, Kronos expanded on what it is about Dimensions that fits Gartner's expectations for the future of WFM solutions.

Strong Manager Relationships Boost Employee Engagement

Great managers build strong connections with their teams, but administrative responsibilities can also get in the way of finding opportunities to personally connect. The next generation of workforce solutions would eliminate menial tasks that interfere with engagement.

Dimensions is the only solution in today's market designed to augment the fast-evolving role of manager and their employee relationship. In doing so, it already achieved much of what Gartner defines as necessary for the future. Specifically "new platforms will be cloud-native, mobile-native, and real-time data-driven, have in-memory data processing for faster operating speeds, will constantly be updated with new innovative functionality, and will be easy to extend and integrate with other systems.”

These features are already reflected in Dimensions and are crucial to helping managers function at their best.

AI - Assistance – Dimensions native virtual assistant, Workforce Advisor, offers managers a real-time, data-driven consultant for decision making, powered by AI and machine learning. This technology also speeds along standard administrative tasks, such as time-off approvals with smart automation, saving managers time for more productive tasks.

Unparalleled Mobility – Dimensions is a mobile-first platform, ensuring access across nearly any business-approved device. Hosted entirely on the cloud, the platform maintains universal, automatic access to the latest updates and improvements.

Intelligent Self-Service – Employees are now empowered to make daily decisions without requiring direct managerial approval, such as swapping shifts. As long as all requirements are met, managers shouldn't need to get involved, eliminating common workplace tensions.

API Integrations – Dimensions is built to be an ever-evolving platform, allowing third-parties to develop tools, extensions and key integrations they need to further propel solutions into the future.

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