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Why Workforce Management Software?

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 7, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Workforce management software – what exactly is it? We know many of our readers already use it – and hopefully love it. But, why do you need it?

Whether you are new to it, or just need a refresher, let’s take a moment to review why workforce management software is such a powerful tool for any size company.

Want to Eliminate Your Headaches?

On the most basic level, workforce management software helps you eliminate all those many, many spreadsheets, documents, files and programs that you are probably using to track your data. Maintaining employee demographic data in various places quickly becomes complicated (and frustrating) – especially as employee numbers grow.

As you probably know firsthand, it’s extremely time consuming to manually enter data into various spreadsheets and software, and requires cross checking to keep numbers accurate. This becomes even more complicated when different managers have different ways of tracking and maintaining data.

So How Can Workforce Management Help?

Workforce management software such as Kronos, rounds up all those all those bits of data in one place. Acting as a single platform to both gather and maintain employee data, it streamlines the process for managers. Everyone works from the same platform so your data remains consistent, saving time and energy.

Taking Your Software to the Next Level

You may simply start using the software by using it as a time clock system – helping your employees punch in and punch out. But there are many sophisticated ways to use the software and take full advantage of the technology, to name a few:

  1. You can automate scheduling.
  1. Workforce management software can track accruals earned in real-time, without the hassle of manual input. This not only keeps things more accurate and consistent, but also maintains a legal system of record in the case of future disputes or concerns.
  1. You can analyze where productivity is most efficient and where it’s lacking, filling in gaps and responding immediately to areas or times where labor is needed more or less.

Workforce management software really takes the guesswork out of scheduling and saves companies money by capitalizing income and minimizing overhead.

This isn’t just another software you need for your HR and payroll systems. It’s the software you need – as it integrates with your other software, automates your systems and saves you money by eliminating hours of manual input, potential human errors and employee disputes. Workforce management software is the key to streamlined, accurate HR systems.

The WFC Group has years of experience implementing Kronos for first time users and users who may feel overwhelmed on how to take their software to the next level. We can help kick-start your program – contact us today!

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