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Why You Should Keep Employee Development On-track During Remote Work

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 21, 2020 10:45:00 AM


An employee development plan is essential to strengthening engagement in the most normal of working times. And now, with many personnel working remotely, growth and development initiatives may be more significant than ever.

Currently, 42 states have active stay-at-home orders, and we can expect many to extend these public safety policies well into May. Just because your employees are working offsite shouldn't mean performance development efforts should be put on hold. 

It may seem easier to resort to a performance management approach while your workforce is dispersed, but as detailed in Kronos's What Works blog, micromanagement can drive key employees away. Instead, use this opportunity to stoke engagement and strengthen employee bonds

Keep Communication Alive

During this unprecedented time, it's impossible to overstate the importance of constant communication. And if your daily contact consists only of task management and status checks, it doesn't communicate much of a concern for the employees executing the work. Don't let quarantines derail your efforts to engage these important players. Instead of putting off quarterly or biannual reviews, check-in more regularly while remote.

Managers may find more reason to connect impromptu with employees by using key employee development features, such as real-time Employee Perspectives offered with Kronos workforce solutions. Daily performance data provides an opportunity for managers to reach out and connect beyond the usual review schedule, talk about evolving roles and needs within the organization, and build a shared vision for the future between employee and employer alike.

Put Skills & Growth In Focus

Speaking of evolving roles, now may be the perfect time to encourage team members to take advantage of training and development benefits by enrolling in online courses. By setting a goal for new skills development, managers can help keep employees from going stir-crazy over uncertain futures. Discussing and supporting growth initiatives can help you and employees plan career trajectories and achieve new competitive advantages together.

With the abundance of online courses available, the distance between where employees are and where they want to be can become shorter, if given the right encouragement and support. Lighter workloads and time savings from lack of a commute create the perfect opportunity to position you and your employees for absolute success when your workplace roars back to life.

Now is the time to especially commit to career plans and growth, to help  alleviate employee fears or anxieties, inspire continued productivity, and provide some sense of normalcy in work.

Looking for ways to implement exceptional development initiatives during quarantine? Our team can help you make better use of available features in your workforce management solutions (including Kronos). Reach out today to discuss how you can make the most of these benefits and prepare for even greater performance post-pandemic.

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