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Workforce Management Projections: Keep Mobile On Your Mind

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 15, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Change is coming. Are you ready for it? A new study by Grand View Research projects workforce management trends through the year 2025, and the outlook is exciting. Overall, adoption of solution suites will continue to grow, but one key factor is expected to drive growth among new and existing system users alike. Just like responsive web design has met the needs of mobile-first visitors, the future of workforce solutions will be driven by mobile efficiency and mobility expectations of the incoming workforce.

A Natural Progression

The mobile shift is driven as much by businesses' needs as it is by those of employees. Cloud computing provided a huge breakthrough from the cumbersome limitations of the management systems of yesteryear. No longer bound to IT in the workplace, mobile devices offer a huge advantage for achieving greater efficiency.

There Will Be an App for That

Mobile-ready applications are expected to have the highest growth in workforce management. Many providers like Kronos already offer mobile solutions for common tasks like timekeeping, attendance and scheduling. With greater mobility, compliance will be an important factor — an area in which Kronos already excels and will continue to compete. And as more mobile capabilities are offered, the mass of new data being produced may contribute to more robust workforce analytics for greater productivity and your bottom line.

Resistance is a Risk

Adapting for mobile may not be necessary now, but setting preparations in place could save you from missing your chance to make a move. Some employees may fear change and require guidance leading up to a shift, and training employees to quickly adapt to new technologies has benefits beyond just workforce management improvements.

Understanding your workforce management requirements now is great, but anticipating your needs for the future can help you stay ahead of change. If you'd like to assess your workforce management needs, we're happy to give our honest perspective on how the right solution can keep you competitive now and for the future.

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