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A New Year of Technology: Workforce Trends for 2017

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 20, 2016 11:30:00 AM

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Technology is an ever-changing tool, and with 2017 around the corner, we always like to take some time to understand the trends in the new year. Our expectation for workforce management trends in 2017 reflects the intersection of changing technology and the human touch.

As information expands and becomes more widely available, so do the opportunities to care about and meet the needs of employees, managers and the entire workforce. Here are just a few of the trends we are seeing moving into the new year.

Employee User Experience

For years, wellness and happiness of the employee have been growing factors in workforce growth and management. Automated systems and mobile technology allow employers to track engagement levels of employees and make real-time changes to ensure more satisfied employees. A growing demand in Kronos’ Workforce Ready software echoes the industry wide investment in employee user experience.

Self-Serve Technology and Empowered Employees

In the same vein, mobile technology and automated systems empower employees with scheduling, time tracking and more. Tasks that used to be relegated to management are becoming increasingly available to employees.  

Internet of Things

Every field and market seems to be embracing its own version of the Internet of Things. More workplace objects are becoming “smart,” connected to each other and the Internet. This means relevant workforce information such as busy times, seasonal changes and scheduling are becoming increasingly more available with real-time interactions to provide specific, useable big data.

The Cloud Becoming The Norm

The Cloud is no longer novel. It’s everywhere. This gives both employers and employees instant access to schedules, time and accruals, pay information, labor costs, peak times and more.

Generational changes – Boomers Retire, Millennials Lead, and Z’s first year

The year 2017 is bringing a lot of changes to the ages and makeup of the workforce. The seasoned Boomers are retiring, taking a certain culture out of the workforce. Millennials are moving into managerial roles, bringing their specific outlooks to leadership. This is also the first full year of Generation Z in the workforce. Now is the time to start seeing what strengths and assets, as well as weaknesses and liabilities, they bring to the workforce.

Virtual Reality in Hiring Process

Increased access to technology, as well as a growing comfort with remote working and interacting with the workforce, has led to a boom in virtual reality in HR. In addition to interviews being conducted via video and web conferencing, simulations and gamification are shaping the hiring and onboarding processes.

Boomerang Workforce

The diverse workforce is increasingly including boomerangs – employees who left an organization and returned later for any number of reasons. While these employees used to come with a certain stigma, and sometimes were not allowed, they are becoming more popular as HR managers open their minds and applications to boomerangs.


What trends do you see appearing in 2017? Let us know in the comments. 

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