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Working Around Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Remote Workforce Management Checklist

Posted by Luke Dusett on Mar 17, 2020 11:36:27 AM


As companies nationwide begin to take proactive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, the ability to adapt fast has rarely been more necessary. Wherever possible, working from home is highly recommended for all employees, not just for those who feel sick or pose risk due to recent travel. 

Implementing a new telecommute policy on this wide of a scale, especially where remote work was previously a rare exception, will likely require some quick changes to workforce management rules and configurations. Here are several considerations for pulling together a quick remote-work contingency and supporting your team's continued productivity from afar.

Verify Remote Workforce Management Access

Many cloud-based solutions can be accessed via internet browser on any device, though customers can place limits on access. Make sure you assess what is and isn't available via remote login or even with a VPN to make sure your newly remote employees have access to everything they need to do their job right. The less troubleshooting and support tickets they have to issue, the fewer disruptions to their productivity.

Reevaluate Payroll Rules and Policies

Take stock of your time-sheet and payroll rules to determine if any changes are necessary. Will you need to implement new pay codes or allow accrual deficits for time-off associated with Coronavirus quarantine? Should you reassess paycheck frequency and distribution by mail or direct-deposit? Do any state or federal declarations affect workers' eligibility for protected compensation due to changes in working hours? 

Your workforce management system can likely support any number of new rules associated with the change in workplace flexibility. We're happy to help you determine new rules to support your continued productivity and ongoing engagement in this necessary but often uncharted territory of mass telecommuting.

Optimize Process Automation: Scheduling, Notifications and Approvals

By optimizing key automations, such as scheduling procedures and time-off approvals, you can minimize the management burden on supervisors (both onsite and off). This way they can spend more time communicating and engaging with their teams about the work at hand—and constant communication is going to be key during this period of global caution.

With quicker time-off approvals (as long as requests meet certain criteria such as individuals' accruals and adequate staffing), employees can get the confirmation they need on the spot and focus on a fast recovery.

Consider The Lasting Benefits

As a fully remote company of consultants and implementation specialists, we're a tad biased toward the advantages our modern working style gives us. If large-scale telecommuting is new territory for your office or business, we've got plenty of insight to offer on how to make it work as an ongoing routine. 

Who knows—maybe you'll find that an open work-from-home policy offers even more in employee engagement and output than you expected! Whatever your need, we're here to get you answers and fast, so you can keep your remote employees busy, happy, and most importantly healthy. 

Contact us today with any questions or concerns as you unlock the potential of your newly remote workforce. And please, stay well.

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