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Get The Right Staffing Mix With a Workforce Scheduler

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 8, 2014 9:32:00 AM

Workforce Scheduler

What is a Workforce Scheduler?

A Workforce Scheduler is an automated labor scheduling solution that can create schedules with an extremely accurate staffing mix automatically. It factors in such things as anticipated demand as well as company scheduling policies. When set up properly, it is a tool that can save you an incredible amount of time and money, while also being much more accurate and concise than paper schedules or other methods ever could. Here are some of the benefits we’ve seen from the companies we work with:

1. Saves your manager’s time

Scheduling takes up a significant amount of your manager's time regardless of the industry. There are so many factors to consider when writing schedules - who requested off, who's available at what time, what’s the demand going to be like, etc. A Workforce Scheduler takes care of all of that by allowing you the ability to set how many people you need in a certain job, unit, account, etc. It will then schedule your employees to fill those positions, allowing your managerial staff more time to focus on things other than scheduling.

2. Raises employee morale

We’ve seen a significant increase in worker morale for the companies that use self-scheduling over paper scheduling. With a self-scheduler, your employees have a lot more control over their schedules which gives them a sense of empowerment. It allows them to feel like they’re in control of their work environment which leads to a huge boost in productivity and worker happiness.

3. Staying up to date with regulations

One of the toughest things to do as a manager is keep track of all of the certifications of employees and when they expire. With a Workforce Scheduler all of that is taken care of. It tracks who has the necessary certifications to fill a job and when they expire. It will even go as far as disallowing employees with expired certifications to sign up for shifts - taking one less worry off of the manager’s plate.

4. It’s more effective

Everything else aside, this is the most important reason to use a Workforce Scheduler. Getting the right staffing mix is a science. It’s the combination of many different factors and complexities. There are just too many factors to keep track of for a manager, who already has a lot on her plate, to schedule the perfect staffing mix. A Workforce Scheduler is able to calculate demand, labor skill-level and a slew of other factors that will lead to the best possible staffing mix at any given time - without requiring hours of planning from your manager. This will save your company time, money and ultimately increase productivity.


We continue to see companies get huge benefits from their Workforce Schedulers. From saving time to enhancing productivity, we can say with confidence that a Workforce Scheduler is a win for all.

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