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How Kronos Workforce Activities Can Revolutionize Your Workforce

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 14, 2014 11:11:35 AM

picjumbo.com_IMG_4923One of the greatest advantages of getting Time and Attendance software is that the benefits don't stop with the boost in efficiency. It also has the power to give you better insight into your workforce. All great managers are constantly looking for ways to improve, and key insights into your workforce will help you find those areas in need of improvement.

Kronos has invested a lot into upgrading its software to make better use of the data that’s collected, and their latest solution is the Workforce Activities module. We've been able to work with several clients implementing the Kronos Workforce Activities module, so we wanted to share 3 key benefits they've received from using the software.

Key insights

Regardless of the industry, labor is always one of your most controllable expenses. Yet, labor information is tough to keep track of - especially across multiple departments. With Workforce Activities, you can view the status of all operations in progress within your organization. Information on your labor force is available immediately so you can track the cause of delays in real-time. There is also a “detail scorecard” which allows you to visually see which activities require your attention; helping you make decisions to improve workforce performance.

Performance tracking

Other insights into your workforce that you will receive are the ability to clearly see the top performers as well as those who aren't up to par. The Activities Module tracks individual worker performance based on standards and metrics that your organization sets. It then gives you clear, detailed, visibility and data into which workers are your best performers and which need improvement.


All too often, paid time goes unaccounted for. Somewhere in the process of tracking the cost of labor, it goes unassigned to a specific operation, which affects the calculation of your actual labor costs. This can lead to a miscalculated total costs and inconsistent profit margins. Workforce Activities takes care of this issue by allowing you to create and track all labor tasks. This allows you to track all paid time and make more well-informed decisions.


Numbers don't lie. Analytics will show you the true story about how well your workforce is doing and where there are areas for improvement. The Activities Module is one of the best methods for gaining key insights that we’ve seen working with manufacturing clients. By tracking your teams’ performance with Activities, you will be able to stop unnecessary work and reward the high performers!

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