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Case Study: What Can You Do With Kronos InTouch Custom Applications?

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 23, 2014 3:34:51 PM

Kronos Custom Apps
For most people we talk to, Kronos inTouch Devices are such an established part of the workforce management process that the thought of adding functionality doesn’t even occur. The devices create a smooth process between organization and employee time capture, so why mess with something that works?

Recently, we’ve seen several custom applications greatly streamline the communication process between employees and HR departments. It can be difficult to imagine the potential impact it could have on your organization, so we’ve developed a case study to help you along:

Case Study: ACME Corporation (name changed for client privacy; hopefully Warner Bros. isn’t feeling litigious)

ACME is a retail corporation based in the U.S. with tens of thousands of employees. The organization has various attendance policies which have been configured in the Kronos application. Attendance policies help organizations manage employees’ attendance according to the employee’s schedule. The company has a point system in place to help workers stay accountable. If an employee clocks in late, they’re docked an attendance point; if they clock in on time a certain number of days in a row, they earn an attendance point. If one hits a set deficit in points, it leads to a write-up from HR.

Pretty straight-forward?

The potential issue with this system is that it puts ACME’s HR representatives at risk of overstuffed inboxes and non-stop phone calls from anxious employees. These employees will want to check on their point totals (and rightfully so), or perhaps contest a late clock-in. Suddenly the system designed to boost productivity has become just another source of worry and contention.

Enter Smart View for Kronos inTouch Devices.Kronos Time Tracker

ACME dealt with this potential debacle by utilizing the customization capabilities of inTouch Devices. We helped them create an external Smart View application to display an employee’s point total and history when they clock in. Every deduction and addition comes with an explanation, allowing each employee to stay on top of his or her balance so there are no surprises. What happens when an employee needs to challenge a point deduction? No problem. Right along with the points display is the ability to message HR and schedule a meeting. This communication all takes place through the same device employees use to clock in and out every day.

Hurray for streamlining!

If your company doesn’t use an attendance point system like ACME’s, don’t fret. The customization benefits of an external application can be simpler and more universal - employees can check work schedules, PTO balances, or new procedures or protocol right from the device. HR can even send a survey to every employee for them to answer as they clock in.

Would these features benefit your organization? Why or why not? Put on your innovation hat and let us know what your ideal custom Smart View application would be. If your Kronos inTouch Device could do anything (and I mean anything), what would you have it do that would make things easier?

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