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A New Way to Audit Your Kronos Configuration

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 22, 2014 3:50:14 PM

Kronos Auditing

Back in April, we introduced EngageUAT. We initially built this tool to solve a problem that we ran into with clients on a regular basis: user acceptance testing is stuck in the 20th century.

Since we launched Engage, it has streamlined user acceptance testing by taking spreadsheets and email out of the equation. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we’re excited to announce an added tool in the Engage suite...

Introducing Engage Audit

We built Engage Audit to streamline the Kronos audit process. Kronos’ configuration reports provide all the data needed for a proper audit, but many have found it difficult to filter the data to draw actionable insights. Engage Audit pulls all configuration rules from a Kronos application to give an at-a-glance overview and highlight any discrepancies. All configured Kronos building blocks (i.e., work rules, pay rules, function access profiles, etc.) can be retrieved and displayed on one dashboard within seconds! This means your organization won’t waste time, and therefore money, sorting through data.

Testing Capabilities

Traditionally, testing in Kronos has involved looking through each rule and assigning test cases, then following up on each one. Engage Audit keeps all communication centralized. It displays all rules that have been configured within the Kronos database and highlights which ones need to be tested; you can then assign test cases from a single dashboard. Testers can mark any issues that need to be addressed, and you can also see any additional rules that are affected by the rule you just tested. The room for human error and miscommunication between company employees has been drastically decreased.

Case Study

Recently, we worked with a client who had more than 2,000 pay rules and 3,000 works rules. They wanted to review all configurations that were built in the existing Kronos 6.3 environment. The traditional model would have forced us to run more than 30 Kronos standard reports and reviewing them would have been very time consuming. By using Engage Audit, we completed all the tests in less than 5 minutes, and identified and displayed every component for the client to properly audit the application. This saved them an estimated $20,000 in labor, and resulted in a very happy client!

If your organization goes through internal changes or is preparing for a Kronos upgrade, Engage Audit is the best place to start to uncover any errors in your Kronos configuration. Save time and eliminate headaches and user errors!

Engage Audit can stand alone or be used in conjunction with EngageUAT. If you’re interested in hearing more or seeing a demo, please contact us here. If you’re heading to KronosWorks in November, be sure to stop by booth 419 to meet us and try out the Engage suite first hand!

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