3 Reasons to Reassess Kronos Work Rules & Pay Rules During COVID-19 Recovery











As states continue to reopen public spaces and institutions, working at large is making a steady comeback. Kronos's weekly U.S. Workforce Activity reports show good progress toward recovery, but some stats indicate possible changes afoot. 

Whether these changes are temporary or if "work as usual" will be forever changed is still to be seen. But that is why now is a great time to fine-tune Kronos Work Rules and Pay Rules, so you are prepared to adapt either way. Here are three reasons why the way we work, and the rules involved may change over the coming months as companies come to terms with post-pandemic realities.

Functional Changes

Sudden and necessary workplace closures were a shock to the system that many businesses rely on. Being thrown beyond the office comfort zone may have felt like a "sink or swim" situation for employers and employees alike. However, this experience may also have revealed key internal capabilities or brought new clarity to business priorities.

Some organizations have found it possible to accomplish similar amounts of work with scaled-back teams. Others have sought to rally around key strengths or diversify their offerings. Whichever group you find yourself in, make sure your Kronos Work Rules and Pay Rules provide your workforce with proper continued support.

New Ways of Work

Alongside the above changes, remote work may also have proven businesses' potential to embrace more flexible working styles. We expect the continued effort by employers to minimize risk by limiting onsite staff will further innovate how they conduct business. 

Perhaps this will lead to smaller office footprints, more home office or co-working opportunities, or even the dismantling of "9 to 5" style shifts. It all boils down to how businesses and their employees find their optimal productivity. But with great flexibility comes the responsibility of making sure your operations stay compliant with labor regulations. Fine-tuned Work Rules and Pay Rules can help ensure that.

Economic Aftershocks

While we are seeing recovery in action, the real impact of the economic pause (and the geographical staggering involved) may hit different sectors and businesses in various unique ways over the coming months. Those that pulled through on an emergency loan may find themselves reopening in the red. Closures are a possibility, and no industry is immune to the changes ahead. 

Key business partners and vendors may cease to exist, leaving businesses with the option to seek new partners, contract work out, or resource previously outsourced work internally. By optimizing Kronos Work Rules and Pay Rules now, surviving businesses will be prepared to pivot resources quickly while still maintaining their labor compliance.

Prepare for Continued Productivity

A well-configured workforce management system is the foundation for greater adaptability. In the face of significant operational change, make sure your system provides the proper support your employees and administrators need to navigate the way to success.

How has the pandemic affected your business, and what changes do you foresee? 

The Workforce Consulting Group’s team is here to help identify and optimize your workforce management solutions, including Work Rules and Pay Rules, to keep you on track. Contact us to discuss your distinct challenges and goals as we pursue new and improved ways of work in a post-pandemic reality.

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