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AI is Solving this Common Workforce Management Struggle

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 2, 2019 11:45:00 AM


As businesses continue to hunt down every opportunity to increase efficiency and productivity, few opportunities are a more "natural" and instantaneous fit than artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

These entity-like programs are already beginning to help businesses make smarter use of data and distribution of information while helping to automate many repetitive administrative tasks.

By minimizing the administrative burdens on employees and managers, AI allows workers to spend their time on more productive activities that propel their business forward. Last year, the Forbes Technology Council summarized some of these key benefits in a piece called "How Artificial Intelligence Can Humanize Workforce Communications And Customer Engagement."

While much of what AI does happens behind the scenes, one of its biggest benefits can be seen in action. 

Clearer, Faster Communication Within

AI has helped solve for one of the common problems — miscommunication. With AI at the helm, there are far fewer chances for human error to get in the way of important processes and requests. For instance, when companies distributed new task updates via email, there was little guarantee messages wouldn't get buried in inboxes, lost to spam or simply overlooked.

Now, workforce management solutions can provide users greater assurance of proper delivery and even real-time monitoring of progress thanks to AI. In task management applications, AI helps managers deliver assignments instantly to mobile company devices, or as notifications to employee's personal devices if allowed. Employees gain the ability to respond quicker with updates on progress, which AI can then track and measure for managers to analyze.

Employee Enquiries Automatically Addressed

No employee likes being left hanging by their managers, especially after submitting a schedule change or time-off request. Their personal planning should be treated with priority. Now, AI can bolster the communications around requests and approvals, with automated reminders — or it can lead the communication altogether!

AI-powered workforce management solutions can be programmed to understand company policies and individual employee profiles within (e.g., personal benefits based on tenure and real-time usage). When an employee submits a request, the algorithm can check immediately to see that their request falls within their remaining allowance or doesn't conflict with any obvious scheduling and resource needs, then issue an automatic approval or alert managers for executive input. Employees gain the immediacy of knowing whether their request is granted, while managers maintain responsibility for general oversight instead of juggling calendars.

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