Are you Losing the Talent War? A Trusted Recruitment Partner Can Help.

Blog-Are you Losing the Talent War  A Trusted Recruitment Partner Can Help.

From “Help Wanted” signs in windows to news articles on labor shortages to underperforming job ads on your favorite job boards, you likely cannot go even a single day without a reminder of the significant Talent War plaguing today’s markets. Some businesses are struggling to find restaurant and hospitality workers while others fight to retain and then replace highly-paid technology trades. As if the pandemic was not devastating enough on your Company’s bottom-line, now you cannot seem to find the human capital necessary to carry your business through to recovery. And when you do find good Talent, it might take a miracle to afford them - which creates further complications for everyone. Some business leaders are calling this Talent War the greatest challenge of our time.

While there seems to be quite a bit of agreement that our current labor market is challenging to say the least, there do not seem to be many real solutions offered. Do you automate? Well, yes, you likely should – but how do you survive until you can? Do you increase wages and participate in further inflating compensation packages? If you have the capital to do so, you may be one of the privileged few who can. Do you proactively recruit? Of course you do, if you can get someone to talk to you without an immediate opening available – but will they be available and willing when you actually need them? Do you train internally and try to skill current workers up to take on vacant positions? You know should be doing that anyway – but it won’t be an immediate help, and you will likely still need to backfill their current position for a net gain.

The reality is that you can be doing all of these things and still struggle to hire employees. You need a real solution, something that helps you now. The WFC Group understands this need. As a small business in a niche industry, we know firsthand how hard it can be to source, hire, and retain top Talent despite leveraging a multifaceted, proactive retention and recruitment strategy. That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Amplify Your Talent service.

Amplify Your Talent

For over ten years, The WFC Group has been recruiting, vetting, and hiring qualified candidates in the human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) technology sector. As a certified UKG (Kronos) and SAP SuccessFactors partner, we are experts in both HCM and WFM systems as well as in the people who know them. We can help you Amplify Your Talent by referring qualified candidates for the following roles:

  • HRIS Analyst
  • HRIS / HCM System Administrator
  • Payroll positions
  • HR Generalists, Managers, Directors

We know you need solutions now, and we are here to help you win this Talent War.

Work with a Trusted Recruitment Partner

With our Amplify Your Talent service, we partner with you to offer you the benefits of our specialty knowledge in HCM systems, our network of thousands of qualified candidates, and our years of recruitment experience in the industry to help attract and select top Talent in the HR and related technology sector. We use our Listen, Adapt, Deliver methodology to determine your specific recruitment needs, tailor our selection process to ensure we successfully refer only qualified candidates to you, and then deliver Talent you can trust to meet your specific needs. This is our brand promise – and we feel so strongly about it that we offer a 90-day guarantee on any hire you make through our services.

If you need help to hire new Talent, please contact us today for more information – all placements are handled on a contingency-basis so you can utilize our professional placement services to Amplify Your Talent risk-free.

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