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Biggest Takeaways from #KronosWorks 2019: The power of Kronos service partners

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 19, 2019 11:45:00 AM

iStock-1125004801Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's KronosWorks another special experience. Connecting with so many like-minded professionals is the reason we look forward to this event every year. Changing workforce management systems is no small task, but there comes a time when sticking to an outdated or ill-fitting workforce management solution does more harm than good.

For those who missed out on this year or are considering this fantastic event in the future, here are some of this year's key takeaways, from the presentations to the friendly faces of people we had the pleasure to meet. 

Exciting Kronos Announcements:

The Value of Kronos Service Partners

KronosWorks is as important an event for Kronos service partners as it is for workforce leaders and Kronos customers. 

A quick walk through the annual expo hall will show you a diverse offering of consultation and implementation partners that Kronos stands by. The reason they do this is because the needs of Kronos customers are incredibly diverse. 

By working with partners like The WFC Group, Kronos can ensure its customers always get the personal level of attention needed to configure the strongest Kronos solution for their unique needs — before, during, and after implementation or upgrade.

As a service partner, our experts undergo continuous Kronos platform training. That way, we know the right questions to ask that get to the heart of an organization's performance needs. That's the real value-add for having service partners and the reason Kronos rallies us together year after year. 

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Got any burning questions about the latest in the world of Kronos? Ask away! The excitement of last week is still fresh on our minds, and we're eager to 1.) Hear what matters most to you, and 2.) Share what we've learned. There's never a moment to waste when it comes to your productivity.

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