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Customize UKG to work your way with The WFC Group

Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives
Posted by Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives on Nov 3, 2020 10:45:00 AM











Some very large companies spend millions of dollars to convince the market they are different and better than the competition. Their generic, interchangeable WFM deployments suggest otherwise

Workforce Management solutions are not conducive to acceptable ROI or competitive advantage if they are not optimized to your organization. No basic installation, even one as good as UKG, will accommodate different payroll and bonus structures, payment structures, even incentive programs. Casual or cut-rate deployments put critical business forecasting and performance at risk.

"Our WFM solution partner’s attention to detail made the difference between a “lift and shift” cost element and a valuable strategic rollout/conversion."HR Director, Multi-national Industrial Manufacturer

There are several reasons for investing in attentive WFM installations and upgrades. The proactive nature of a strategic, customized approach adds significant value. Four of the more expensive threats facing in-house WFM migrations and upgrades are:

      1. 1. Work and payment schedules rarely align to standardized parameters of contractors, shift workers, part- and full-time hourly workers, and salaried staff.

      2. 2. Goals and incentive programs do not fit into generalized templates.

    1. 3. Key Performance Indicators for even similar industries fail to map to critical operational analytics.

    2. 4. WFM will live or die on user adoption. No amount of persuasion will overcome a difficult employee interface or unrewarding experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) raise the stakes for both opportunity and risk from WFM solutions.

AI, if casually implemented inside WFM puts workers at risk, which puts customers at risk, which puts the business at risk. The risk of poorly configured AI is a sudden and glommed-up expensive problem difficult to resolve. For example, widespread scheduling errors embedded by a robot into the production and payroll systems can be very difficult to walk back. It can also consume unnecessary time, money, and reputational capital inside and outside the company.

However, massive value can come from getting AI right. Only a properly configured WFM can empower good decisions that with some autonomy can:

  • Optimize best-fit schedules to meet customer expectations.
  • Responsibly manage time, attendance, and leave records.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of all workers.

For these and many other reasons, the major WFM solutions know custom installations and upgrades are worth the investment. Their partner programs are built to ensure a successful new install or upgrade. More than just a title, a WFM Solution Partner is credentialed such that every UKG customer will get their workforce management platform performing as it should.

WFM software customized to your organization plays to competitive strengths

Managing business opportunity and risk within any workforce is by nature a deeply personal effort. Doing work your way demands WFM customized to your way. Agile businesses need to know the most effective way to internally respond to external opportunity.

  • Without a well-crafted scheduling framework, how else can companies put solid schedules in front of customers through the pandemic?
  • Automation routines must be developed to rely on unique value propositions of the companies they serve. What is low-value work for one company may be high-value for another.
  • The WFC Group has built a successful business helping clients play to their competitive strengths—and extend them – through a commitment to optimized workforce management solutions.

Customize Kronos/UKG WFM solutions to work your way. Stop by our virtual booth to see how we bring better ROI, faster, to UKG customers. Schedule a consultation with one of The Workforce Consulting Group’s implementation specialists today!

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