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Extra Hands On-deck: Proactive Support for Your Workforce Dimensions Optimization is Here

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 10, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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If the conversations we had at KronosWorks last month are any indication, interest in Kronos Workforce Dimension is growing. Over the course of two years since the platform's launch, Kronos has continued to build on the platform's offerings, including technology partner integrations and quality-of-life improvements.

Now, early Dimensions adopters are looking to get even more out of the new features and benefits, and prospective customers want ways to jump-start their platform migration with as tailored a configuration as possible. 

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Because platform updates are being made frequently, just trying to keep up can be a challenge for internal teams who are still becoming familiar with its inner workings. Optimizing the performance of a new or existing Dimensions system for unique business needs works best with active observation and adaptation — a typically hands-on approach. 

Instead of using internal resources to react as changes arise, businesses have a lot to gain by augmenting their teams with a third-party resource on-site before, during and/or after implementation to get the most out of their Dimensions adoption. 

Staff Augmentation Offers Help From Within

As Kronos service partners, our staff is extensively trained on each Kronos platform offering, and we're quick to stay ahead and spread word of new features and updates. With direct access to an expert hosted on-site during optimization, managers and staff alike can get key answers to how and why things work or should change, as well as get trained on newly implemented features fast.

Having a specialist from The WFC Group on-site via staff augmentation provides businesses with an extra set of hands and a finely tuned mind, well acquainted with the platform's quickly evolving capabilities. In-turn, augmenting with outside resources also alleviates internal resources from playing catch-up or trial and error in configuring their Kronos solution to fit a business's unique needs. 

Shift the Focus to You

Whether you're preparing to migrate to Dimensions anew or are optimizing an existing configuration, tapping into our nationwide network of industry specialists for a dedicated on-site resource can help lead to a stronger workforce management application and greater productivity as a result. 

If you'd like to learn more about what a temporary on-site resource can do for your optimization, let's talk about matching you to one of our specialists. No two businesses' needs are exactly the same, but with staff augmentation, we can put the focus all on you.

Lastly… Our $300 YETI gift card winner! 

Congratulations to Kari Pape-Rosentrater. Our thanks to you and everyone who we had the pleasure to meet and chat workforce management goals with during an already jam-packed KronosWorks schedule. Let's keep the conversation going before next year's event arrives!

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