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Gearing Up for Our Annual Company Summit

Posted by Neil Shah on May 9, 2017 11:30:00 AM


As you may know, The WFC Group employs a team of talented people from coast to coast. And once every year we bring everyone together for three days - to learn, grow and strengthen our connection. This year, we're excited to head southwest to San Diego!

Here's a little peek at what we have planned for our productive getaway:

Reconnecting With Colleagues

Our remote workstyle lets us hire the most skilled individuals to serve our clients from anywhere, not bound by office proximity. That said, it takes a lot of collective discipline. Our yearly summit is a helpful reminder of the important people we communicate with online and by phone every day, working together to achieve a common goal.

Brushing Up On Our Consulting Expertise

We're firm believers in the idea that practice makes perfect. And part of practice means staying nimble - always looking for ways to deliver the best service. This year, we'll welcome a guest speaker to present ideas for how we can grow as consultants, continue to deliver client-focused solutions and build on our best workforce practices.

Volunteering Together

On the last day of each summit, we find a way to give back to the community around where we visit. This year we're super excited to drop by the San Diego Farm Animal Rescue to learn about their mission of compassion and get our hands dirty helping with tasks around the farm. The rescue is a haven for farm animals and we'll be looking for ways to make the most with the time we have.

The thought-provoking message the rescue aims to share is an important one: "Showing compassion is one of the best ways to make the world a better place." That's a refreshing lesson worth taking to heart and carrying into another year of working remotely, with a shared sense of service to each other and our clients!

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