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Gone in a Flash: Only 7 Months Remain to Prep Your Workforce Management for This Critical Change

Posted by Neil Shah on May 26, 2020 10:45:00 AM


Come December 31, 2020, multimedia plugin Adobe Flash will be no more. As support for this once integral software draws to a close, both software solutions providers and their customers are on a tight timeline to implement Flash-free alternatives or risk losing important functionality.

The pressure grows even greater when you take into account the preemptive steps by other major tech companies to ditch Flash before its official end date. Both Apple and Microsoft computers no longer include Flash out of the box, and the developers of major browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, disable Flash-based content by default. 

Now, these tech providers favor newer, more efficient tools, such as HTML5, which adhere to open standards, unlike the private, proprietary nature of the Flash plugin. By December, Flash functionality will be blocked altogether (take Mozilla Firefox for example), as a defensive measure. With no new patches or updates to Flash planned beyond that point, software vulnerabilities would pose a growing security risk for any continuing users. 

Waiting Is Not An Option

The sunsetting of Flash is being done in coordination with all prominent makers and developers of most business hardware and software solutions. Flash functionality will be blocked at the device level (both operating system and browsers), and older software that rely on Flash features will fall outside of the provider support window (if they haven't already). 

Workforce management companies like Kronos have prepared for this long-planned shift by releasing Flash-free versions of their solutions. Our biggest concern is for customers who manage their own Kronos Workforce Central solution on-site, as it may be easy to overlook key preparations. Central version 8.1.3 and beyond are already Flash-free, while anything earlier will require an upgrade, migration, or service pack implementation. Larger leaps in versions may require additional change management support to bring teams up-to-speed quickly.

Protect Your Productivity with Flash-free WFM

The clock is counting down. Only 7 months remain to upgrade or migrate to Flash-free solutions. We expect more and more businesses will seek support the closer to December we get, so we advise taking the first steps soon to beat the rush on support. 

Our knowledgeable implementation specialists are here to help you evaluate your preparedness and provide guidance on your path to protect your productivity into the new (Flash-free) era once 2021 begins. Reach out to schedule an initial consultation today!

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