Happy Cloud Migrations for Workforce Management Solutions


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By now, the "Cloud" is a well-established and often preferred model for business software solutions — workforce management included. As advantages of the Cloud have become clearer, many uncertainties that may have prevented businesses from adopting this model in its early stages have also been settled. While early migrators are already reaping its benefits, it's certainly not too late for businesses awaiting a confident verdict on cloud efficiency.

Clear Cloud Advantages

The decision to switch to the cloud, especially the case for Kronos solutions, is driven by several factors, often including:

  • Ease of Upgrade: When features are updated and improved, changes are automatically dispatched, keeping you always prepared with the latest in rapidly changing technology at your fingertips — without the additional expenditures.
  • Reliable Support and Maintenance: Minimize the burden on your IT teams and technology infrastructure with provider-led support, right at the solution source.
  • Mobility: Cloud-based systems like Kronos Workforce Central can be easily set up and accessed on an array of devices, lending greater versatility for workforce efficiency.

Implementing with Confidence

As a Kronos partner and consultant, we've helped many clients make the switch, and we've learned a lot through each past implementation that helps quicken the process. We're aware of many common roadblocks that cloud projects often face and can readily identify and address them up front with great efficiency. Specifically when working with Kronos, we've built a tried and true process that Kronos and clients both have recognized works. We've implemented enough migrations that we can set realistic expectations of timing and cost at the start. Better yet, we're well versed in integrating a variety of solutions together, allowing for secure and efficient Single Sign On capabilities across workforce management infrastructure.

Ready to Migrate?

Now is the opportune time for businesses considering migration to cloud workforce management solution like Kronos Workforce Central, as implementation capabilities like ours have become increasingly confident and efficient. Many of the early challenges for adoption have been systematically ironed out, and our consultants and implementation professionals have built up the experience to set clear expectations and deliver on them. We're proud to be Cloud certified as a Kronos Gold Accredited Partner, and we're currently helping multiple clients upgrade and migrate to the Cloud. Considering adopting the Cloud to bring your workforce to the next level? We're always happy to help.

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