Happy Holidays and a Paws-itively Important Request 🐾

iStock-1070424364 Holidays

As the world slows for several days of celebration, we want to share our gratitude and appreciation to all of our incredible partners and their families this season. Wishing safe and happy holidays to you and yours from The WFC Group.In the spirit of giving, we're happy to announce that our drive for badge swipes at KronosWorks last month helped us commit a donation of over $600 to The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas — a cause we are proud to support. 

The Animal Foundation is on track to become the highest volume animal shelter to reach zero euthanasia. Donations like this support their mission by covering medical care, housing, training, fosters and more as our furry friends wait to find their forever homes. 🐾

One Good Donation Deserves Another

If you're inspired by the work and mission of The Animal Foundation, please consider gifting them a donation this season. We'd love to see their good work go even further.

Whether it's a one-time pledge or a recurring donation gift, you can find many ways to support their cause below! Let's keep paying it forward.

Donate to The Animal Foundation here. 🐾

Thank you again to all of our KronosWorks guests who helped bump our donation. We'll be looking for even more ways to share our positive impact in the future.

Happy, happy holidays to you all!

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